Sunday, 21 October 2012

Broke a speed record after a running hiatus!

Today I decided to get up early and make breakfast before my brother got up.  I made poached eggs with whole wheat english muffins and made my own homemade hollandaise sauce!  If it didn't muck up so many dishes making it, I'd probably make it almost every day!  Well, and if it didn't have a ton of margarine in it!

Yummiest breakfast ever!

After my brother left for home I decided to hop on the treadmill for a long overdue run. I don't want to run tomorrow because I plan to be at the hospital for most of the day.

I'll admit, the last time I ran was the day before my moms wedding.  We stayed in a hotel and used their equipment and I regret it.  They had giant mirrors in front of the treadmill and I looked SO terrible running.  Not only that, but I was up to a new speed and I looked like I was going a snails pace.  I thought I looked like a fat sweaty blob trodding along to the terrible music on the TV.  It discouraged me so much that I haven't ran since.  Well today I hopped back onto my mirror less treadmill and totally blew away my last run speed! Okay, I didn't really blow it away but considering I haven't ran in just about two months I was shocked that I upped my speed and incline a hair with little difficulty.

The last time I ran I was on Week 7, Day 3 of c25k were I was scheduled to run for 25 minutes.  I went back two days, upped my speed and upped my incline by 0.5% which is a big increase over what I normally run.  I normally run/slow jog at 3.8-3.9mph, today my average speed was about 4.1mph.  It was just enough of an increase that I had to change my running pace so I felt like I was actually running instead of jogging if that makes any sense!

I also hit 300cal burned in one session. I used to average about 150-180cal burned so I just that blew away too! OH, and because of the increased speed I went farther than I ever have before.  I'm still slow and a beginner, but today I went 2.12miles (3.39km) whereas before I only just barely hit the 3km mark.  I know if you're a seasoned runner this doesn't seem like much, but for someone who is considered obese still, and for someone who has lots of extra skin and such moving around when running, I find this to be pretty stellar progress.

After lunch I searched for some new snack ideas online and came across black bean brownies.  I've heard of them before, but I've never tried any.  So I headed over to Safeway and picked up a few ingredients and made some brownies!  I have to say they're absolutely decadent!   

It's really hard not to binge on them, so I'm going to toss them in the freezer so I'm less inclined to eat them all at once.  They're 100 calories a piece, but the pieces are pretty tiny so I need to be very careful with these guys.  Afterwards I made oatmeal muffins. They're nothing special, just the Quaker kind that you mix with water and toss into muffin tins.

Tonight I will be making the turkey and quinoa meatloaf that I mentioned yesterday, that way Dan and I have something to eat tomorrow. I anticipate us going back and forth between home and the hospital and this meatloaf will make for a great fantastic alternative to cafeteria food! 

Now for the reader question, what are you reading right now?  Fall seems to be the perfect time to cozy up with tea and a fantastic book!  I'm currently reading "Mort" by Terry Pratchett and "Night Angel" the trilogy by Brent Weeks.  Both Fantasy books, and great reads.


  1. I just finished Ender's Shadow for the fourth time - I love that series! Now if only DJ didn't have The Shadow of the Hegemon...I also just finished The Fellowship of the Ring, so I guess that's the series I'll continue with for now.

    1. I keep eyeing up the Ender books, but I'm wary of them. Maybe I'll try one out!

  2. Great job on your running!!! I still haven't gotten up the courage to run. I started a c25k program with my sister a few years back, but she is at such a higher fitness level than me that I felt as if I was holding her back. I don't have a treadmill, and running outside is still pretty intimidating to me. I do it at the gym once in a while, but I prefer the arc-trainer machine over the treadmill (more calories burned and I don't have to run!). Anyway, I've always wanted to try to be a runner and maybe I will someday, but not yet.

    I'm not reading anything right now, and it's starting to drive me crazy. I need to hit the bookstore!

    1. Samantha,

      Thanks!! There is a Pre-C25k program that is pretty popular, I just didn't know about it until I was knees deep in this program!

      I started C25k with my husband (imagine tall and muscular) and I felt so rediculous. Once he even jogged ahead of me, then around me, then started jogging backwards in front of me (so he could talk to me)and I really wan't too impressed with him for that. Know I realize that we all have our own pace, and that's okay. He can run much faster than me, but I can usually run for longer than him. Anyways, I don't run outside because well, we're knees deep in snow right now, but I was also thinking of going to an indoor running track just to switch it up a little!

      Daph :)