Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Getting a gold crown, and a little about the blog

Besides ending up with near fatal deficiencies, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes and obesity, binge eating can have other effects on your body. Earlier this summer I started going to the dentist to get cavities fixed and other dental work done.  Years of drinking upwards of 2+ liters of pop a day and eating foods heavy in carbohydrates and sugars can quickly ruin your teeth.

Sodas are bad for your teeth for obvious reasons, but Carbohydrates are bad too.  Sticky foods and sugary foods can stick between your teeth and eventually turn acidic eating away at your teeth, or the food can get stuck in between teeth and sit there and decay, which is also bad for your teeth.  Here is a little more about it if you're interested.

I have quite the metal mouth and hopefully today will be the last day I go to the dentist this year.  I'm getting a gold crown on one of my back molars that had a root canal done.  Yup a sparkly gold crown!  Why gold? Well besides the fact that I can tell people that I have a gold tooth?  Metal crowns are stronger than porcelain. I want that puppy to be a strong as nails, considering how much work I've had done.  Also, it's in the back of my mouth, nobody is going to see the crown unless they're looking for it.

All day today has been devoted to setting up this blog.  It takes a lot of work! I have to figure out what pages I want versus what pages people will want to see.  Also I spent a good chunk of time running around taking photos of things and mashing photos together for the photos page.  I have set up:

If you don't know who I am, then this is a short blurb about me.

Self explanatory, check them out!

It's a bit wordy, but if you want to know what I've been through physically and emotionally then check it out.

When you lose weight you can do things you never thought possible, check out a few of mine here.

These are my keys to weight loss and binge recovery. I'm always adding to the list so check back!

Do you think you have an eating disorder, or know someone with an eating disorder? Check out these resources.

I was also thinking of setting up a page of resources for people who are starting off losing weight, but I'm not sure if that will fly or not. Let me know what you think, and check the sidebar often for updates!

On the sidebar you will also notice different subscription and sharing options.  If you have any feedback about the blog feel free to let me know at daphnealive.gmail.com  Or, if you have questions or if you want to leave a personal comment feel free to email me.

So tonight is going to be spent relaxing! Besides setting up this blog and taking a whirlwind of a vacation, we also received a ton of fresh potatoes, carrots and onions from Daniels parents. So far I've made a crock pot beef stew, a crock pot vegetable and beef soup (both for Daniels lunches since I tend to stay away from beef) and many nights of mashed potatoes and baked potato fries, I'm quite potatoed-out.  (Just kidding, I LOVE potatoes, I'll probably have more tonight!)  Potatoes are a complex carbohydrate and have a decent source of vitamins and minerals especially with the skin on.  I know they're starchy and not always the best choice (especially if you have PCOS or if you're sticking to a low carb diet) but gosh darn it I love taters! So far I really have boiled them, mashed  them, and stuck them in a stew!

Dan and I have been on a Netflix, watching Community, AFV and Firefly.  I'm not sure what's next but we always seem to find a T.V show to watch.  Either that or it's about time I played more of my Fable: The Journey for Kinect! I've been doing so much blog work that I haven't had time to play any video games (which doesn't work well when you work in a gaming store, and Fable is a new release!).

If any of you are wondering, Fable: The Journey isn't too bad!  If you're a fan of the series then you'd appreciate the humour.  The only problem is that I can only play for about an hour or so at a time before my arms get tired.  You have to throw spells (like thunderbolts) and it can get pretty tiring.  If I was a mage in real life I'd get pretty good biceps real quick!


  1. Wow, I like all the extra pages you added, especially with the pictures, it really shows such a huge difference! I'm so proud of you Daphne! <3

    I also need to try Fable: The Journey...but that would require room to play it. I'll have to come visit sometime and check it out. xP

  2. Im in luv with the blog. I too am trying to shed.off some kilos(2o/25 lbs)
    I did start my blog but as I still " have" to lose the weight I have not caught much attention
    @ Daphne ur pics are so motivating. Hope to learn more about ur journey