Sunday, 28 October 2012

Halloween pizza and Halloween snow

As a kid Halloween was one of my favourite times of year.  I loved getting dressed up but mostly I loved to decorate!  Most years I would spend a lot of time decorating and carving pumpkins.  The past few years I've been content with just watching movies and handing out candy.

This year I went to a friends house for a little get together.  I didn't have a costume in mind, and since it was just a few friends I figured I'd try something different with my hair.  I have very long hair that's very sparse (thanks to PCOS) and very fine so doing anything with it is a big pain.  But I've always wanted to try a long haired version of a faux hawk.  You know, you pin back the sides flat to your head, then back comb/spike up a strip down the middle of your head?

Insert: "There's something about Mary" reference

Well my hair is so fine that backcombing it did nothing.  So I tried just hair spraying it in the direction I wanted.  Clearly by my unimpressed expression it didn't go too well.  But I still decided to back comb my whole head.  That didn't go to well either, I ended up with big poofy spots where my hair is thicker, and my hair laid flat where it's sparse.  I just ended up pinning it back and letting it flow loose in the back.  At least I could salvage most of it!

Sorry for the bad cellphone picture!

Much better!  I need to just stick to hairstyles I know rather than trying to back comb my whole head next time!

So I stupidly didn't make an eating plan around the Halloween party.  I figured there'd be snacks and beer and I figured that I should just have a "free day".  I suppose for most people that might be fine so long as you don't do that often.  But the reason I don't have "free days" is because the binge eater in me has a hay day.  I ended up having 3 slices of pizza (eaten slowly though, normally I scarf them down.  I'm happy I remembered to do that) and 4 light beer.  So since I didn't make a plan before I need to make a plan now!  

Normally how my calories work is I have a set amount (1580kcal is my current daily limit) and if I run, then I add about 100-200kcal to that number depending on the workout.  So my plan this week is to not eat those extra calories on the days that I work out and I'll add one extra run this week so I have 4 runs.  It wont quite make up for it, but pretty close.  I might even change my daily limit to around 1550kcal since I've been thinking that I should be lowering my calories soon.  (For me a sign that I need to lower my calories is when I start to get "snackish" in the evenings, or if I find myself saving up my calories to eat more in the evenings.  Some people think that means I need to eat more, but for me it means I have too many calories and I'm trying to find ways to eat them!)

In other news, I'm SO glad I have a treadmill!  This time last year we had no snow but this year we have more than enough to spare.  I only got my drivers license last December and so I still feel like a new driver on the snow and ice, so it's a little trying.

This is the view from my deck!  Look at all of that snow!  And my poor ivy is quite dead.  I'm so glad I have the treadmill in the basement because trying to run in this would be just too hard.  I also have a slightly turned ankle on my left leg and if I don't run on a flat surface I tend to get a very sore leg. (My left leg is slightly longer than my right, just enough that when I run I tend to strike on the left side of my foot which is bad when running on snow/ice).

This is the view from my office window at home.  What a beautiful morning!  And I'm so glad that I have anywhere to be today!

I added a new page to the sidebar.  A small write up of PCOS (Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome).  There's lots of information about it on the internet, but I figured I should have something there for quick reference.  Please check it out if you think you have PCOS or if you'd simply like to understand it more since I will be referring to it every once in a while on my blog.

My question for you today:  What's the weather like where you are? Is it a cold and snowy Halloween?


  1. Wow, so much snow! It was pretty bad here too, it was a bit windy and the snow is so light it all drifted in the driveway, along the path to the deck and all up against the doorway! It was a bit annoying trying to shovel some of it this morning right after work! Guess it was a nice workout after work though. lol

    Wish I could have come up and visited for the little Halloween get together though! I haven't done anything for halloween in ages and I'm sure it was fun!

  2. Rain rain and more rain here, we tend to get very little snow.

    Thanks for the writeup on PCOS!!

    We had a Halloween enrolment party at Guides tonight... chips, cupcakes, and wayy more... my BED wanted to come out so bad. So I filled up a water bottle, added some stuff to it, and had half a cup of "ghoul punch" (grapefruit juice and soda water). Surprisingly they kept me away from the snacks, I was SO shocked!