Friday, 30 November 2012

New licence photo

I don't have a lot to share today.  I received my new license in the mail today and I wanted to show you the comparison between the two.  The first one was taken 11 months ago, last December.  The one on the right was taken this past Saturday.  Not only is my face smaller, but I look so much healthier too!  I was quite shocked at the difference.

Tomorrow I'm going to the farmers market, they're having a giant Christmas market with a lot more local vendors than normal. I'm SO excited to go!  I hope to pick a few smaller things for those tough to buy for people.  Maybe something unique and local is just the way to go!

Other than that, I hope to have a few relaxing days off.  It has been snowing like crazy, so I'm not in any  hurry to go anywhere or do anything else.  I already have to shovel my parking spot at home (The snow at the front of my spot goes over the hood of my car!), and I don't really feel like buzzing around town on a busy shopping weekend.

Drive safe if you're out and about this weekend!

Thursday, 29 November 2012

Red seal dinner, and my (limited) running history

The first thing I want to say, is thank you to Lisa at 110 pounds and counting for taking one of my comments and making a blog post about it! The blog post is about retraining your taste buds (which is totally possible!) Check out the post here for an excellent read!

On Tuesday Sarah came over as planned and took over my kitchen (how lovely does that sound? To have a red seal chef come take over your kitchen?).  What I really appreciated was that she asked me a few questions the day before about what I could eat.  Then, while preparing the  meal she would ask questions to make sure that I was alright with what she was putting into the meal.  For instance she asked if it was okay if she used olive oil instead of cooking spray.  She also cut out ingredients altogether and adapted the recipe to make it work without the unhealthy cream in it and so on.

I'm not exactly sure of all the ingredients, but I do know that she cooked cubed turkey, asparagus, red pepper, onion, minced garlic, fresh basil, white wine and goat cheese.  Then she served it on whole wheat noodles.  I think she said that normally she would also add cream and prosciutto but she cut them out for me since they're not exactly the best additions when you're counting calories.  I didn't feel like I was missing anything though! It was a fantastic meal!

White wine and served with whole wheat bow ties. (because they're the classier noodle in the noodle family obviously!)  The meal was very filling and so good!

Afterwards we decided to watch some Christmas movies.  I don't really own any so she brought over National Lampoons Christmas Vacation, and some of the Santa Clause movies.  We popped in Christmas Vacation because I haven't seen it in years!

The opening sequence and opening song is the best :D

Partway through the movies we decided that we had to make the Christmas movies a little merrier with a Christmas Martini!  Sarah found one on Pinterest that she wanted to make (recipe is on my Pinterest recipe board).  So we whipped up a few Candy Cane Martinis.  You're supposed to add peppermint candies to it, but I didn't have any.  We just rimmed the glass with crushed peppermints that we bought.

I'm terrible at rimming the glasses!

I didn't count the calories before hand, and I kind of wish I did.  Each martini had over 3 oz of liquor in it, which is pretty hefty in the calorie department.  I think next time I will stick to light beer! (However they're very tasty and pack a punch!)

It was really great to have some company two nights in a row considering that Dan was gone both nights.  It was especially nice to kick back and not worry about making supper and to just chat!

I want to address a question that I've gotten a few times.  A few readers are wondering how to get into running.  My advice has always to been to just check out C25K and to try it, if it's too tough, then to try a "pre" c25k program or a walking program.  However, one person wanted to know how I went from barely being able to grocery shop to running 4-5 km 3 times a week.

Let me give you my running history!  When I was 335lbs, there was NO way that I was running.  My exercises consisted of doing easy strength training exercises that I found online (most of them from Sparkpeople).  I did leg raises, some reps with hand weights, and wall push ups.  I did the "easiest" exercises that I could find.  Partly because I was still lazy, and partly because I was too big to do anything else.  I had tried some online exercise videos, but it's sometimes hard to do aerobic exercise with so much weight.

After I had lost about 55 lbs (mostly by just changing eating habits) I found out about C25K.  I printed out the program and downloaded the podcasts.  I was scared of running, so I got Dan to try it with me.  We went very slowly and soon enough we had finished day one! (By slowly, I mean someone walking fast or speed walking would have passed me).  I repeated week one because I found it pretty hard.  Then we came to week two.  I repeated that one over and over because I found it too hard to move on.  Then I did the same thing with week three.  Over and over again until it felt easier.

When I was finally getting pretty confident in week 3, is when my mom was hospitalized.  I was so stressed out and away from home for about a month that I just couldn't bring myself to run or to eat healthy.  By this point I was around 250 lbs.  In the next year I gained 39 lbs back and ate SO poorly that I ended up with a Calcium and Magnesium deficiency which kept me from exercising. (These deficiencies caused me painful muscle cramps even with day to day activities) THAT's when I had trouble going out and about.  I had trouble at work, or even shopping.

After seeing the doctor and dietitian I started feeling better.  I started c25k again this spring.  I've repeated many of the weeks over and over again because I found them hard.  Which is completely normal!  I only finished the program a few weeks ago, and I have been on the 9 week program since spring!

If I where to give advice, I'd just tell you to try it. But not just once.  Try it over and over again.  Modify the program if you have to.  Cut the days in half if that works better for you, but just TRY it.  If it's too hard, then go out the next day and do it AGAIN.  That's what I did!  Dan was so good at running, that while I was covered in sweat, plodding down the sidewalk he would come up and run circles around me.  (Don't worry, he got a piece of my mind about that!)  I felt so down about how slow I was, I felt like I wasn't doing it right.  Now I know that we just play head games with ourselves.  If I can do it, then you can do it.

When you're overweight you have it pushed in your face everywhere about how you're ugly, you're fat, you're too big, too slow, whatever.  It's so easy to have that include exercise.  If you don't get it done the first time, you think "this program was made for skinny people who don't run, not for someone like me."  Or you think that it's just not for you.  You're not the exception.

If you still struggle with running, even after several good attempts, then maybe consider a program that's right for you.  It could be that running is not for you.  Maybe try an elliptical first.  Maybe try a speed walking program.  There are no good excuses to not exercise and there are no good excuses not to take care of yourself.  If you hold yourself in high enough esteem to treat yourself with food, then you can treat your body to a good long life too.

If you have more in depth questions please email me at daphne @ daphnealive . com

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Fantastic foods, company and Christmas decorating

I know I've been complaining a lot about how stressed I am lately.  I was completely shocked to find out last week that my boss gave me FOUR days off in a row over the weekend and the beginning of this week.  It has felt like heaven!  Obviously on Saturday we went to the concert.  On Sunday Dan had to return to work (he had 3 days off last week, which is a record for this time of year ;D ) and came home late Sunday night saying he had to be up at 2 am because he was being sent out of town for a few days.  Talk about no notice (and no sleep! He had maybe 4 hours).  I had already pulled out a turkey roast that day to thaw because I wanted to surprise him yesterday with a big turkey meal.  Foiled again!

Yesterday morning I made myself a treat with a tortilla and ice cream.  I made it a few days ago for Dan and he LOVED it, so I figured I'd try it myself.

Basically I spread about 1.5 tsp of light margarine on a tortilla and sprinkled on some cinnamon, nutmeg and 1 tsp of sugar and tossed it in the oven at 375F until done. (Slightly browned and crispy).  Then cut it with a pizza cutter and served it with ice cream.  It was SO good!  I used the "chips" for scoops for the ice cream.

Eat Right Whole Wheat Tortilla- 130 calories
1 tsp sugar - 16 calories
1.5 tsp light becel margarine - 26 calories
Total:  172 calories
Calories with Ice cream: 262 calories

It was perfectly decadent! I think I'll make this a regular treat around the holidays.  What's great is that it doesn't take long to prepare and when you eat it you want to eat it slowly so that way you can savor it.  Yum yum!  To cut back on calories you could use a low calorie sweetener, and smaller tortillas (since this one was pretty big for the amount of ice cream I ate).  Remember some tortillas have a lot of salt in them, which might change the taste.

Yesterday afternoon I spent a good deal of time hunting down Christmas decorations in the basement.  I had decided that I was going to decorate as planned, even if Dan was gone to work.  He only wanted to be around for putting up the tree anyways.  While hunting in the basement I found a several large plastic containers filled with wedding stuff.  I found our old centerpieces, a box of programs, champagne covers, wedding bubbles (all dried up now!), BAGS of fake flowers, and my glue gun!  One day I'll have to go through it all more thoroughly and purge our basement of a lot of wedding stuff.  What do I really need a box of programs for?  Maybe one for our wedding book and that's all.

Once I was done in the basement I finished making my big turkey dinner (No sense letting it go to waste!).  My friend, Sarah  happened to be free for the evening, so I invited her over to share my dinner with and it ended up being a fantastic evening full of girl talk, Christmas music and decorating!

Somehow the image turned and I can't turn it back :(

We had the turkey, pickles, carrots, grape tomatoes and mashed cauliflower!  I chopped up a full head of cauliflower and tossed it in a pot.  Added a whole jug of chicken broth, topped it off with water and boiled until tender.  Then drained and mashed as usual.  Adding the broth was a new twist I tried and I'm glad I did! They turned out fantastic!  I added a bit of margarine to make them creamier.

Our wedding cake topper with Christmas lights behind it
Decorating was pretty fun too.  I'm pretty sure she had more fun than me though.  I complained pretty loudly the whole time.  Now I remember why I like having Dan around to decorate, he's strong enough to push pins into the walls and ceilings! Haha.

Sarah is a Red Seal Chef and currently lives in a place where she doesn't have good access to a kitchen.  So tonight she will be coming over to make me a meal, partially in thanks for the turkey I made, and partially to get her groove on in the kitchen!  I'm very excited for tonight's meal, her food is always awesome!

Today I had a run scheduled before noon.  I changed up the view on the treadmill so it shows the intensity and calories burned per minute.  You can see where I warmed up, then slowly increased the speed throughout the workout.  Then for the cool down you can see it drop drastically.

I started off at 4.5 mph but had to lower it immediately to 4.3 mph since I started getting a slight pain in my shin.  Once it went away I upped the speed again to 4.5.  For the last 5 minutes I upped it to 4.6, then to 4.7 for the last two minutes (which was very hard!).  The run went fairly well, somewhere in the middle I was feeling really fantastic and had a spring to my step.  Then I realized I was running to the beat of the song that was playing.  It was perfect, like I was in the "zone".  I was listening to First of the year by Skrillex.(Shut up, I like some Skrillex!)  After my run I headed over to and searched for songs that matched my pace.  I found quite a few, actually!  I tried looking for songs I already owned, because I'm cheap!  I have about a 14:06 pace as an average, so I searched by that pace for songs. 

I came up with:
3 A.M - Matchbox 20
More than a feeling - Boston
Ballroom Blitz - Sweet
Some Nights - Fun
Everybody - Backstreet Boys
Numb - Linkin Park (LOVE Linkin Park!)
Life Less Ordinary - Carbon Leaf
Play that funky music - Wild Cherry
Burn it down - Linkin Park
Runaway - Linkin Park
and the best one...
Eye of the tiger - Survivor!!! I'm quite psyched that this song matches my average pace.  My next run is going to be epic!!

This afternoon I set up my 3DS with Netflix.  I'm not sure if I'll ever use it, since I have Netflix on my computer, Wii, PS3 and my phone! I suppose it might be handy if I don't have my phone on me and I want to watch a movie.  It's easier to prop up than my phone at least, but I find the internet connection drops more frequently than my phone does.

So I found out today that Dan may in fact be home tonight!  I'm very psyched! I thought for sure he'd be a few more days at least!  Tonight we plan on having a spectacular supper with Sarah, maybe put up the tree (if he's home early enough!) and hopefully watch some Christmas movies!  I'm really looking forward to watching National Lampoons Christmas Vacation.  Do you remember how many Christmas lights Clark (Sparky) puts up on the house every year?  Well we used to put up a TON growing up.  People used to call my dad Mr. Griswold!  I get very excited this time of year, and I just can't wait until Christmas!

So, what are your favourite Christmas movies?  What about Christmas songs or albums?

Growing up we listened to Boney M, Burl Ives, Some Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton, Elvis and The Judds!  However, by FAR this is my favourite song!

Sunday, 25 November 2012

Journey concert, and new comparison photos

So I know that Dan TOTALLY meant the Journey concert to be a surprise, but I figured it out!  I knew that he asked what I was doing Saturday, and I knew that Journey was playing that day.  I put two and two together and guessed!  I guess Dan collaborated with my boss to get the evening off! Those sneaky dudes!!

Since I hadn't planned on going I didn't know who was opening for them.  I was pretty surprised to find out that Night Ranger and Loverboy opened for them!  It was a pretty awesome concert.  One of the more laid back concerts I've been to.

Waiting for Night Ranger to start. Wore my coat because it was SO COLD!!

Arnel Pineda, lead singer. Photo by our local newspaper.

It was a really fun concert, albeit VERY cold.  That's what happens when it's in an arena!  At the end of the concert they shot off confetti canons and there was so much confetti that it covered our shoes completely.  We where pulling confetti out of our pockets even when we got home!  Also, there where some pretty funny dudes making snow angels in the confetti too.  

They played some new songs from their new album which was SO GOOD.  I'm excited that they're making new stuff.

When we got home I had a really hard time warming up.  I find the smaller I get, the more cold I am! I had to eventually stick my feet in the bathtub.  I really wanted a hot bath, but I realized it needed a good scrubbing (doesn't that happen right when you want a bath?!)Then  I curled up in multiple layers and blankets in bed!

Today I woke up still wanting a bath.  I decided that scrubbing the tub would be this mornings project.  This might not sound like a big deal, but it is.  Usually I leave cleaning the tub to Dan.  You see when I was bigger cleaning the tub was something I had a really hard time doing.  I couldn't go down on my knees, it hurt too badly.  I also had a really hard time getting up afterwards too.  If I sat on the edge of the tub to clean, I had a hard time bending down because my stomach was in the way. (And because my stomach was in the way, I actually had a hard time seeing what I was scrubbing).  Then after about 5 minutes of being bent over my back would give out and I'd have to spend the rest of the day in bed with a sore back.  So today is the first time in about 4 years that I've cleaned the tub!  I had no issues with my knees or my back at all!  

Sometimes it's hard to remember that I can go on my hands and knees to get things or to clean things.  I still find myself asking Dan to get something out of the back of a bottom cupboard because it was too low to get to.  Sometimes I forget that I can do it myself!

Bought from Dollarama because they're so long and cute.  They had holes in the fingers though!

So after I scrubbed the tub I had my first bath in about 5 years! I haven't had a bath before that because I never fit in the tub!  I would put in a teaspoon of water (maybe a titch more) and it would be overflowing because I was so heavy.  Then my stomach would rub against both sides of the tub.  Eventually my back would start to hurt.  Then came the struggle of trying to get out.  I would basically roll around trying to get a good angle to hoist myself out.  Or roll onto my knees and hope I didn't hurt them.  It wasn't fun or relaxing at all.  

Let me tell you, my bath today was so cool! I felt like I had a pool to myself! I didn't rub against the sides or overflow it when I got in and I had zero trouble getting out.  I'm amazed at the change, I thought it'd be the same as when I was bigger, just a liiittllee less trouble as before.  But the difference was like night and day!

Usually my weigh in days are Fridays, but this week I've decided to change it to Sundays.  I rarely work Sundays so I have more time in the mornings to weigh in and get my measurements.  I was shocked to find that I lost a POUND this week!  I only ran once and I was very sloppy with my eating.  I was almost expecting a gain!  I went over in calories almost every day this past week, and I definitely went overboard on my birthday and the night of the concert.

The past few weeks I've been running about 2-3 times a week and doing fairly well with calories and losing very little.  I wonder if I wasn't eating enough on the days I worked out?  I usually eat 150-200 calories more on my workout days.  I'll see how this week goes and see if I lose as expected, or if I have another slow loss week.  If I do, then maybe I need to increase my calories a little.

It's funny how every pound I lose, I make up excuses to why I'm lighter.  Like I can't trust that I lost the weight on my own.  I go, "well maybe it's not a loss, maybe I'm just dehydrated."  Or, "I didn't work out enough this week, I bet I'll have a gain next week."  I don't really trust that a new low is real.  I'm not sure why, but that's the way it is.

Today I ran for 30 minutes and hit 2.96 miles. I started at 4.4 mph.  25 minutes in I upped it to 4.5 mph, then for the last two minutes I upped it to 4.6 mph. (Because I can do anything for two minutes!)

My run started out kind of shaky.  Literally!  My treadmill was rocking all over the damn place.  It's in our basement and the cement  goes down a bit towards a drain so we have to prop up one of the corners a little with cardboard.  I had to hop off twice to fix it, and then I couldn't get the emergency off line to stay hooked up to my shirt!

I've determined something today.  Yoga wear is NOT ideal for running in.  Unfortunately all the workout clothes you find in plus sizes are all marketed as "Yoga this" and "Yoga that".  It's hard to find anything else.  I'm going to stick to tank tops and shorts for now until I can find something more breathable in my size.

Before my workout, wearing the only tank top I could find!

Today I was fiddling around with a new scrap booking program I bought awhile ago.  I made a new comparison photo, and I think it's kind of cute! I used a bunch of my birthday pictures in it.

I also posted it in my Weight loss timeline in photos page.  Aaannddd on Pinterest.  Because why not?

I was looking through old photos and it's so weird to look at them.  Part of me remembers what I felt like in the photo.  Sitting there with all the fat propping me up and feeling uncomfortable.  Another part of me feels like I'm seeing someone different.  Like I'm not that person anymore and I can no longer identify with her.  I wonder if I'll still feel that way about how I look now, when I'm down to my goal weight?  I wonder if I'll think that 227lbs was horridly huge and think I looked terrible?

When I take the weight loss photos I am always pleased with how I look, but when I go back to those photos I always think, "You have no idea how much better you're going to look and feel!".  I'm curious to see how I'm going to look at a normal weight.  To see what the "real" Daphne looks like.

Saturday, 24 November 2012

My Birthday!

I love this time of year, it's when I get to see my mom the most!  She comes into town lots to do Christmas shopping and to run errands.  (And to gossip with her little girl).  We always have a blast each time she's up, and Thursday's visit was no exception!

One time when my sister and I where teenagers, we where browsing the seasonal section of Wal-Mart with mom.  Mom starts picking up all of these toys that move and talk.  Then she started turning them all on.  I mean ALL of them.  Then she put them on the ground and laughed as every single toy was squawking and jostling about on the floor and making a HUGE ruckus.  My sister and I where mortified!  I remember us saying, "moooooom! People are looking at us!"  So, she turned them all on again, and walked away.  Making it look like my sister and I had created this giant mass of chirping and squawking toys on the floor!  We heard her giggling an aisle over too.  Now I'm not embarrassed by my mom, in fact when we hit up a seasonal department it's usually both of us running through turning them all on now and giggling.

On Thursday mom and I headed to the mall.  Our first stop was a Jewelry store.  Mom just got her wedding rings back from being soldered together.  I haven't been able to wear my wedding rings for a good year, so I dropped mine off to be soldered and sized.  My rings weren't huge to begin with, they varied from 7.25- 7.5 in size.  Well, when they sized me we found out my new ring size is 5.5!  No wonder they didn't fit anymore!  I hope to have them back by mid December, so I can show you all a picture since I forgot to take one before I dropped them off.

Seriously, I dropped TWO ring sizes!! I have stick fingers!

While in the mall we cruised around and looked at the new Holiday kiosks opening up.  There's a new one this year called "Log Barn".  For some reason they had giant dinosaurs and Tigers set up around their Kiosk.  (We found out later that the Dinosaurs are celebrating the fact that we're getting a Dinosaur museum here!)

He see's you!!

They are coming up with some sort of scheme....

So after the mall we headed out to Boston Pizza for lunch.  I'm glad they have so many options to choose from!  I was torn between a Salad and this meal...

Chicken Stromboli at BP's

Chicken Stromboli is what it's called.  I have no idea what it is, other than the description made it sound delicious!  It's made with pizza dough and was filled with chicken, peppers, sauce and cheese.  It was a little bland, but adding salt helped out.  It was pretty hefty 660 calories, but I was full for a really long time afterwards.  I will totally order that again (if I have the calories for it!).

After mom left town I had to head into work.  For lunch I went to a restaurant that is my new favourite! It's called Chopped Leaf.  They only have a few locations in Alberta, but seriously I'd go out of my way to get their food!  Their sandwiches and soup are to die for!

I had a Pesto Chicken sandwich with Spicy Creamy Tomato soup! It was so good, and very filling.  Their only 3 doors down from where I work, and I like to go here for a bit of a treat.

Yesterday happened to be my birthday!  Unfortunately because Black Friday has seeped across the border I had to get up early to open the store.  I was supposed to get up at 5AM but my alarm never went off, so I slept in by 20 minutes.  Then when I got out of the shower I found out my hair dryer went kaput on me! (RIP hair dryer! I've had it for 10 faithful years!)  Then once I got to work I developed a nasty headache and a very cranky attitude.  (My poor boss, he worked with me and I'm pretty sure he avoided me because I was Miss. Cranky pants!)

After I got off of work I laid down for a bit and had some food which made me feel a million times better! Dan and I headed off to the mall for the afternoon.  It was pretty cute to see a lot of kids dressed up to have their photos taken with Santa! At the mall I picked up a new hair dryer at Shoppers (Toni & Guy brand, same as my flat iron.  I hope it's a good brand!) and used up a $10 gift card I had for it.  Then we wandered around and ended up at "Log Barn" where we found out that they sell fudge.  (A serious weakness for me!). They didn't sell just ANY fudge.  They sell Peanut Butter Chocolate fudge!

I couldn't resist taking some nibbles before pulling out my camera.  I had about 1/4 of it and gave the rest to Dan.  It was A-MA-ZING!

So after the mall we headed out to get my license renewed.  I found after waiting in line that I am in fact renewing a whole year early (oopises!) but I don't have to pay as much if I do it so early.  Plus, I told the lady I really wanted to get my photo re-taken and the weight changed! Hah!

Old licence photo

After talking to the lady at the counter I found out that I had actually helped her at work the night before.  I had talked to her about video games for a gift, and had told her about other stores in the city where she could go to find everything on her list.  She was so nice!

After our little chat, I went into the room to get my new photo taken.  Right as she was about to take the photo their machine went down.  (So I broke my hair dryer, and my mug broke their camera! Oi!)  So I have to go back today to get the photo taken.  They also did a vision test and found that my left eye is  super duper (my dad calls it my "eagle eye") and my right eye is pretty poor.  But the lady said it was fine, that together they work great.  So long as I don't go blind in my left eye that is... ;D

When we got home Dan gave me my gifts! He went all out and got me tickets to a concert tonight. We're going to see JOURNEY! How cool is that?!  I guess him and my boss worked together to make sure I had tonight off so Dan could buy the tickets.  Dan also got me a Nintendo 3DS, something that I've been hemming and hawing about for awhile.  It's a pretty purple colour, which is exactly what I wanted!

I wanted to take photos of myself this birthday for comparison.  Here is a photo of me last year at my birthday. (It was a Movember/Birthday party.  All the guests got mustaches to wear!) Some people call it "No shave November" instead of "Movember".   

Birthday Nov. 2011

Nov. 2012

Nov. 2012

Nov. 2012

My cheeks are definitely less chubby now, haha!  Also, I lost a mustache! (Heh!)

Last night we went out for supper at The Keg.  One reason why I picked The Keg is because they having a really great way of customizing your meal to meet your nutrition needs.  You can pick the steak you want, the sides, veggies, whatever and it'll tell you how many calories are in each item.  That way if you want to substitute a baked potato for mashed, then you know how many calories difference it is!  

Instead of getting dessert or a birthday cake I opted for some drinks.  I had red wine at the meal with my steak, and before the meal I had a drink called "Pink Kitty".  It was made with CAKE flavoured vodka! How cool is that?  It was VERY delicious and very strong.

I know I went over my calorie limit for the day.  But only with the drinks.  When I planned my day, I'd forgotten to think about drinks at dinner.  I'm not too upset though, I didn't feel like I was bingeing and I was quite satisfied afterwards.

So, did you celebrate in the American Thanksgiving?  Or did you dare go out shopping for Black Friday?  Here it wasn't too busy!

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Doctor's appointment

Gentleman! Be warned, this post is full of estrogen and talking of girl parts.  Also, girly mushy emotional things too.  Read at your own risk.

I've contemplated for awhile whether or not I was going to mention in my blog as to why I had my doctors appointment planned.  I've decided that I will indeed explain it.  I don't like withholding information, I don't have anything to be ashamed of, and this is all apart of my journey and my life.

If you've read my weight loss story page, you'll know that I was diagnosed with PCOS(Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome).  With PCOS comes a myriad of complications.  I'm at a much much higher risk of developing diabetes, heart disease and cancers.  I have thinning hair, dry skin, and worst of all, is infertility.  I can eat healthier and exercise to reduce my chances of heart disease and diabetes.  I can style my hair in such a way that it's harder to tell how thin it is on top.  I can exfoliate and moisturize my skin like crazy.  But I cannot make myself have a baby.

When I was about 18 and still hadn't gotten my first period I knew that something was not right.  I was given birth control in order to get a period, but I was never talked to about the causes or the future of my (in)fertility.  Call it women's intuition, but I knew that things weren't right and I knew that I would never carry a baby.  I had accepted that fact a long time ago.  Then I met Daniel.

Dan wanted babies before we where even married! We married young, at 22 and ever since he's been wanting kids.  I've always had a good excuse to not get pregnant.  We didn't have the money, I was too fat.  Oh, I had a million excuses to not have children.  All of them valid, but I still didn't address the real issue.  (Don't worry, I warned Dan that I felt I was infertile).

Now we are in a great place financially, I have lost a significant amount of weight.  Now I'm starting to feel my age creep up and panic setting in to start a family.  We're at the right place in our lives and to be honest I think that Dan would make the best father ever.  I was quite alright with myself knowing that I couldn't have kids, but then I met a wonderful guy who would make a great dad and now I feel the "what if's" creeping in.  What if I could have a baby?

So yesterday we drove back to my hometown to see my doctor.  He explained to me how fertility drugs work, and explained when to take them.  He was quite shocked to find out that I don't get a period ever.  Even as a teenager I never had one.  I've had ONE that wasn't induced by medication in my life.  He was a bit concerned by that, but decided we'd go ahead anyways with the medication.  I don't start it for awhile yet, but it's on the agenda for later on.

Waiting for the doctor.  I was very very nervous.

We talked about the increased chance of multiple births (which honestly sounds like a blessing). Dan was so happy, and excited to get the ball rolling.  I've been stalling for awhile and I think he knew it.  To be honest when I got home I cried and cried.  I was okay never addressing the fertility issue because we where never ready.  But now that we're addressing it I feel like I have to finally face it.  I feel partially like taking medication is going to get our hopes up (again women's intuition that things are just not "right") and it'll just throw our dreams of a family out the window.  Who's ready to face that?

I wonder if the doctors office brings these out at Halloween?

I really thought I'd be excited, but I'm not.  When Dan talks about kids his eyes light up.  He would teach them how to shoot a gun safely, he'd make sure our little girl is a tom girl and take her snow boarding.  Who wants to break their husbands heart like that?  Not to mention, bearing children is a mark of womanhood.  It's so easy to feel broken and unfeminine when you're faced with infertility.  It's something only women can do, and I can't do it! Besides feeling unfeminine with my thinning hair, scaly skin and being obese lets just toss in infertility too.  

I know there are always people who conceive with fertility drugs, obviously that's why we're taking it! It's just hard when it feels like the odds are against you.  Women with PCOS have up to a 50% chance of miscarriage too.  It feels like the odds are VERY much against us.  I guess I refuse to be optimistic or excited because I don't want to get my hopes up, I feel like I already know the outcome and I'm wondering why we're going through the movements.

However, Dan is so excited it's adorable!  I know I'll warm up to the idea that the medication might work, I just need to mentally prepare myself for the long road ahead.  I need to really focus on being healthy, and doing what's best for me at the moment.

Last night Dan and I watched the Disney movie Brave.  We watched it in the theatre and I LOVED it, so when I saw it in the store I had to buy it!

When Dan and I watched it in the theatre he LOVED Merida.  Dan is a red head and he said he wants "a little girl JUST like that!".  So there we go, we must have a red headed girl or bust!  So says Dan!

It was hard to find a picture of his hair without him wearing a hat!  I think if his locks where flowing he'd look just like Merida!!  : D

I think Brave and Tangled are my two favourite animated films at the moment!

When I was at the grocery store the other day I decided to buy breakfast sausage rounds.  I wanted them for my birthday breakfast since I love breakfast sandwiches.  Well it turns out I open the store early for black friday on my birthday so a big breakfast is a bust (probably for the best anyways!).  So I enjoyed some for breakfast today!

Coffee, whole wheat english muffins, sausage rounds and poached egg whites. Looks like googly eyes!

I tried to find turkey sausage rounds but I don't think such a things exist.  So these are just plain Maple Leaf brand sausage rounds.  They're pretty hefty in calories, 100cal each!  Normally I like to have whole eggs for breakfast, but I just had egg whites to balance out my calories.  I must say this was a pretty decadent breakfast.  RIP birthday breakfast.

What are your favourite breakfast foods?  Personally I enjoy eggs Benedict, bacon, toast..everything greasy. I'm not much on sweet breakfasts.

Monday, 19 November 2012

Reflecting on the past year

Sorry for the lack of posts! I've had a real whirlwind of a week!  If any of you are gamers you will know that the past few weeks have had some major video game launches and of course that means our store is very busy.  Not only that but we had inventory last week (who schedules inventory for LITERALLY the busiest week of the year?!).  Silly head office!

So after my last post I headed off to work for the day.  It was a long day of running around and getting the store cleaned up and inventory worthy.  When I was closing the store I found out that Dan will be home late from work so I wouldn't see him that night. (Since I had to be in bed as soon as I got home in order to wake up for inventory the next morning.)  Then he said he was leaving the next day for a camp job (they put the guys up in portable shacks instead of them driving all the way home then back) for a few days.  He would be leaving right when I would be getting home from work so it was doubtful that I would see him.  As our district manager said, we'd be "two ships passing in the night."

On Friday I got up at 5am (I slept in!) to get to work in time for inventory.  I had only about 5 hours of sleep and was drained all day, also  I found that eating breakfast so early makes me hungry for lunch much earlier in the day (like 10am!).  The DM's had brought doughnuts so I stopped to have two of them throughout the hours since we didn't have time to stop for lunch until later in the day.  I was upset that I had them, but it ended up fitting in to my calories anyways at the end of the day.

After work I found out that Dan's job had been delayed about 45 minutes so I got to spend precious time with him chatting since we hadn't actually talked in a few days.  I found out he was going out to work night shifts.  I was hoping he would have enough time to talk to me between him working nights and sleeping since we'd be on opposite schedules.  Thankfully we got to chat lots since they where done work early every night!  Usually when he's gone on camp jobs I don't get to talk to him much-- if at all!

After Dan left for work I decided to buckle down and do the 5k run I had planned.  I decided to do a run that didn't include my warm up or cool down time, just to see what my "real" 5k time is!  It was HARD.

So my official FIRST 5k time is 43:20.  I was pretty discouraged with this time, I started out really fast at about 4.5-4.7 mph but I could only keep it up for about 20 minutes.  I think the lack of sleep and all of the stress weighed down on me during the run.  I was determined to finish, but I was angry at myself when I had to slow down and walk.  I've decided from now on that I'll stick to my regular running schedule and work on speed, then increasing the time and distance later.  Doing all at once was a bit much!

When I was done the 5k I made a quick supper and was in bed by 8 pm! 

On Saturday I had another full day of work, and I think stress was oozing from my pores.  Usually I don't work so many hours, but during the Holiday season there is just too much to do in the store.  There are 4 of us working full-time when there's normally only 2.  We could probably use another person full-time too.  

When I got home I made eggs Benedict (one of my FAVORITE dishes!) but I could still feel the anxiety rising.  I don't know about you guys, but when my anxiety gets too high I feel slightly panicky.  I think I cried to Dan on the phone (but then he had to leave for his work shift at camp).  I'm very very ashamed to say that I binged.  I went to the convenience store and bought a sub and chips.  My calories for the day where around 2000!  I regretted it once I climbed into bed. I felt so bloated and terrible. It upset my stomach so much and it didn't do a lot to make me feel better at all.  This blog is a journal of my struggles and successes, so here is a struggle I didn't want to share.  I'm doing so fantastic, but sometimes stress creeps up and I just couldn't hold myself in check.

On Sunday I went to get some groceries.  While I was there I picked up some pre-cooked chicken.  I don't normally buy stuff like that, but I figured that since I was so compelled to eat junk lately and I've had such high anxiety that buying the chicken will take one thing off of my to-do list.  This way I can toss it on my salad for work, or heat some up for my supper without spending more time cooking and washing dishes when my time is already stretched thin.  I definitely don't like the stuff enough to buy it all the time, but this week it was a life saver.  I also got some cans of Tuna (in water) so I can make quick meals with that too.

One thing I made with the chicken was tortilla pizzas!

This is probably one of the easiest meals on the planet to make, and it's soooo yummy.  I made it with light cheddar, mushrooms, peppers, chicken and pizza sauce.  However you can obviously put on whatever toppings you desire!  I've used Tzatziki as a base, or use peanut butter and bananas! Yum yum!

Yesterday I had another run scheduled.  I just did 30 minutes of running instead of focusing on distance.  I noticed that over the past two weeks my feet keep clunking against each other when I run.  I'm afraid I'm going to trip myself up.  Every once in a while my weight loss catches up with me and I get a little clumsy.  Sometimes my balance is a little off (I think I'm bigger than what I am so I sometimes "swing" my body to get around something when I don't need to, thus I tip over or trip!).  Lately I've been tripping over my feet!

Ever since I could remember my feet have pointed slightly outwards (think like a penguin), but this year they're pointing more straight, like a normal person.  Plus my thighs are smaller so now my feet keep clipping each other when I walk/run!  It's cool, yet annoying.  I hope I stop being clumsy soon.  I'd really hate to trip on the treadmill!

Juuussstt under 5k. Includes my warm up and cool down.

While I was running I started reflecting on the past year and how my running has progressed.  Last November I would work about 3 hours and my legs would cramp up so badly that I thought that I wouldn't be able to walk.  I would even get cramps in my arms.  Washing dishes was hard on my arms.  My jaw would cramp up just eating a sandwich!  I couldn't even think about going for a walk down the block, let alone running!

One day after a regular day of work my left leg started to cramp so badly I cried for hours.  It cramped up in the front by my shin and just above my ankle.  My big toe pointed straight upwards and there was no way to stretch out the cramp (like you would with a calf cramp).  It felt like my big toe was going to be pulled back against my foot and snap.  The cramps happened daily. I was so naive  I thought that my muscles where doing that because of lack of exercise.  I thought that I deserved it.

Now I can run on a treadmill for 40 minutes! Now I can run 5 kilometers!

Last winter I would freak out if my feet got too cold from being outside too long because I knew that meant I would get foot cramps.  I would have to massage them and wear two pairs of socks to bed so they wouldn't get too cold.

Now I can go for a hike and my only worry is losing energy, not my body failing.

Sometimes I get frustrated at myself for not being able to run faster, for not being able to run longer.  Then I remember that it was just a year ago that I couldn't even walk down the block without worrying about the consequences.  Go grocery shopping? Nope, I couldn't even do that without worrying.  Without wondering if I would make it home or if an employee would find me sprawled on the floor of their store massaging my leg muscles because they ached so badly.

There where so many times where I would wake up Dan in the night to help massage aching muscles or leg cramps.  Or I would call him crying because I couldn't stand it.  I know it sounds pretty severe.  It started so slowly that I think that I started getting used to how often I felt awful and achy. It took over a year of it slowly progressing to that point.

Part of me wonders why I didn't want to go to a doctor earlier.  But really, I was afraid that the doctor would say that I was just lazy and needed to workout more.  Or that I was just making it up because they found nothing wrong.  I know, not the smartest move.  But it also goes to show how low I thought of myself.

I might get discouraged about how slow I run, or how short the runs are.  But damn I have improved a million times over last year.

I'm thankful every damn time I can run.

Because last year I couldn't even go grocery shopping.

If any of you wondered where I got the blog name, "Daphne Alive" you should know by now.  I came up with the name when I reflected on the past year.  I feel damn lucky to be alive.

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Recognizing excuses is the first step

So there is a trend going on lately that I find quite alarming.  I hope to address it in a way that does not come off as a rant.  I do find this trend frustrating, but I can also relate.  I see this trend in Fat acceptance blogs, in real life, heck even in my life when I was 335 lbs and even now.  People keep making excuses to stay fat or to continue unhealthy habits.  Or rather, they're making excuses as to why they cannot be healthy.

I remember making every excuse in the book.  "I'll start tracking calories tomorrow, I feel terrible about ordering this pizza, but now it's here I'll eat it and tomorrow will be a new start."  Or, "I have been just running myself ragged, I'm stressed, I have NO time to figure out how to be healthy."  Or, "I have PCOS, it's hard for me to lose weight.  The doctor even said so." I have said to myself, "Nobody cares enough to help me."  or my favourite, "I can never see myself being thin, I have no willpower. Why start when I'm only going to fail?"

I've said these to myself a MILLION times.  But they are just excuses, plain and simple.  I knew they where excuses when I told them to myself.  So do me a favour, even if you don't decided to adopt a healthy lifestyle or to exercise. Recognize when you're making excuses and make plans to do things differently next time.  Set small goals.  If you find yourself saying you have "no time" to eat healthy and to prepare meals then plan to do things differently.  Take more time for yourself and work less.  Or re-arrange your schedule.  The important thing is to recognize it for what it is, an excuse.  Recognize it, learn from it, make a plan then move on.

Let me give you an example.  Remember last week when I recognized that I was eating out too much?  I was telling myself that it was "okay" because the places I was eating fit into my calorie limit I even told myself it was okay because the fast food sandwiches had veggies.  I was ignoring what was good for me because I didn't want to confront myself.  I didn't want to admit that it was bad for me.

Eating out occasionally is okay, but not every day.  Restaurants usually have high sodium, hidden calories and for me, are addicting.  If I can't make myself stop, and I make excuses to keep doing this behavior  then it's a problem.  So what did I do?  I admitted it to myself that I was making excuses to go.  I said my life was stressful and I had no time.  Yes, I did have less time to myself than normal but that is life.  I need to deal with it and move on.

So I said on my blog that I wanted to go the rest of the week without eating out.  And I did!  I set a small attainable goal, and I went out and did it. I went the rest of the week without any takeout or restaurant foods.  In fact, it was easy.  I just didn't want to admit to myself that making food at home was just as easy as eating out because I prefer eating out.  I prefer saltier foods, I prefer junk.  I cannot let myself go into that cycle and I needed to stop it in it's tracks.

Eating healthy, living healthy and exercising are not easy.  Sometimes they're uncomfortable, and heaven forbid they sometimes take up your time!  It's like washing dishes, nobody wants to do it, but you have to.

So tell me (or admit to yourself), what excuses do you make in order to support unhealthy habits?  What plans are you making to change that?  I have encountered probably every excuse you can think of, and I have beaten them all or have worked around them.  Weight loss might seem like a never ending battle, and it's not black and white.  But setting small goals and overcoming those mental barriers is the first step.  Nay, the first battle!  It's tough, but I promise it's worth it.

Recognizing excuses is the first step to turning around bad habits.

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Thank you! And time to push through the run you don't want to finish.

First thing I want to say guys, is thank you for all of the feedback.  Tomorrow marks the one month anniversary (*throws confetti*) of me starting this blog and I'm overwhelmed by the support I have received   I already have well over 2k page views!  I have been getting emails, phone calls, texts, Sparkpeople messages, and facebook messages almost every day from people either praising the blog or asking advice.  It's really overwhelming and helps solidify this dream!  Now onto the regularly scheduled post...

This morning I totally woke up on the wrong side of the bed!  This tends to happen to me a lot in the winter time.  I get focused on one tiny insignificant negative thing and my brain blows it out of proportion!  For instance, if I come home from work and realize that I didn't wash the dishes the night before and they're piled up I could probably karate chop the counter in half.  No, I don't have terrible anger issues.  I just get irritable when it's this time of year.  A combination of cranky customers, extra hours at work, and not enough sunlight! I LOVE my sunlight!

Instead of letting my anger stew, I decided to treat myself to one of my favourite breakfasts.  I made eggs Benedict   Taking the time to prepare the sauce and poach the eggs took me away from my normal routine and helped kick the blues away.  Then when I ate breakfast I turned on my goLite for an extra 15 minutes.  I think I probably just need to amp up the light a bit as we get less and less sunlight.

This morning I've had a bit of a queasy stomach but I decided to do my run anyways.  It started out not too bad, I even started out much faster than normal at 4.5 mph but about 15 minutes into the 30 minute run I started getting super anxious.  I mean, sometimes when I run I get anxious about how much longer I have and I feel terrible so I want to quit.  So I told myself "just another quarter mile"  or "another two minutes" and I'd quit. I was VERY sure I was going to quit, but I stuck to the run despite feeling like trash.  I focused on the podcast I was listening to and eventually quit psyching myself out and finished.  By the end I felt very heavy and SO hot.  Like my face was really warm.  I don't have a fever but usually I don't feel so crummy during and afterwards.  Maybe I feel irritable because I'm getting sick? I think for my next run I'll wear shorts and pull out a fan.

I still ended up doing 5k, this is including the 10 minute warm up and 10 minute cool down.  I also tried taking a picture of my workout outfit. It's pretty cute but I'll have to do it either when I get a tall mirror or when Dan's home.  Basically black Yoga pants and a shirt with cute neon pipping down the sides that I got at Addition Elle.  One of my goals is to wear a cute ruffly running skirt one day (and not look ridiculous!).

So, some good news! My goal at the beginning of the month was to hit the 220's before the end of the month and to do 5k in one workout. I've hit both goals already!  I'm just under 229 lbs and I've done 5k twice now!

I find it much easier to set small very attainable goals for myself.  I don't focus on the fact that I have nearly 90 lbs to lose yet. I focus on the next pound.  I have never been this weight before so every time I lose a pound I can say that I've never really been that small before.  Every pound lost is a blessing.  I don't set a weight loss goal for the month or even the week. I take it day by day and hope to lose 1-2 pounds a week.  If I don't I don't stress about it, I just reflect on my week and adjust what I need to.  Setting attainable goals is important.  I do have a long term goal of hitting 150 by my next birthday in just over a year.  But that's not set in stone.  I just hope that I can do that.  Maybe a part of me is still thinking that I will fail and not to give my hopes up.  All that I know is that there is no use worrying over the big loss I have, and just focus on what I can do now, this week.

Speaking of 5k, I've signed up for a 5k online with A Journey To Thin. It's the Thankful Healthy Blogger Virtual 5k. (American Thanksgiving 5k!).

I have no idea how to make the picture link to her post, so sign up HERE!

I'm not sure if I can run the whole thing, but I'll give it a try just to say I participated.  I'll be doing it Friday after work, which I'll be waking up around 4:15 am that day to do inventory at work.  So hopefully I'm still good to go afterwards!

The other day Dan mentioned that I never wear my wedding rings anymore.  I told him that they just don't fit, and that they need to be resized.  He figured it was just the cold weather that my hands didn't shrink that much considering that I already had slender hands and fingers.  So I decided to wear my wedding band to work yesterday.  NOT a good idea! I almost lost it!  It's definitely not the cold, my hands have lost a lot of fat.

My wedding band and first anniversary band fit quite well on my other (bigger) fingers.  After I took this photo I tried them on my thumb and they fit perfectly on my thumb too!  My ring size just before the wedding was 7.25.  I'm interested in seeing what size they are now when I go to get them sized.

Okay, I take it back.  Looking at photos of the wedding I can tell that my fingers are more slender. Funny how I thought they where so small then!

Monday, 12 November 2012

I did 5k! And a single serve cookie recipe.

For those of you who didn't notice, I have a Pinterest page up and Twitter.  I'd love it if you followed me, partially for support, and to get my name out there!

I have been toying with the idea of making a Facebook page, but I'm going to leave that up in the air for now.  I'd be really embarrassed if I made a page and only a handful of people "liked" it!

Yesterday my mom and sister decided to come all the way into town just to visit me!  It was fantastic to have some girl talk (And to have extra mouths for all the turkey I made ;D ), and of course we did some shopping!

There is a new store in our mall called Murdawg.  I've been hesitant to go in there because I'm not sure what sizes they sell, I don't want to be "that" fat girl who wanders into a "skinny people store" and looks VERY out of place.  So sometimes I'll take Dan in there as an excuse to look for stuff for him and then casually browse stuff for me too.  Yesterday I showed my mom and sister the store and having them around made me less anxious about looking at stuff for me.  I picked up one shirt and held it up to me and I was kind of surprised to find that it'd probably fit. (They don't have fitting rooms).  I ended up buying 3 shirts!  Beware.. I'm a nerd, so you'll be assaulted with nerdy pictures:

Silly blinking picture ended up being the best looking one!
So have I mentioned that I LOVE Game of Thrones?  I have read all of the books, watched both seasons, I own the card game, and heck, I even have Game of Thrones coffee mugs!  I was pretty excited to find this shirt.  (Also, I look so skinny! Notice my arms go straight down and don't go around my tummy?)

Apparently I was super blinky yesterday!
I also love Big Bang Theory!  This shirt is pretty big on me, so I guess it'll be a lounge shirt!  These are both XL in Unisex sizes (womens babydoll shirts where SO tiny!) and I probably could have/maybe fit into a size Large.  Maybe next time/in 5 more lbs!

This morning I woke up and I was SO ready to run my first run after finishing c25k!  I was excited and itching to get started.  I waited awhile after breakfast though to go.  I have to wait at least 3 hours after a meal to run, I prefer to wait 4 hours or to workout right before a meal.  I get wicked stomach cramps otherwise, and those are not fun!  I'm glad I waited though, I found out that one of my favourite bloggers was a guest on today's half size me podcast!  So I got to listen to that today on my run!

5 Kilometers!

So I extended my warm up by 5 minutes this morning partially because the podcast was really long and I wanted to listen to the whole thing, and partially to see if a longer warm up would help out with endurance.  So technically I did 5k however that includes my warm up and cool down.  But hey, I'm excited that I hit 5k. It's a first for me!  I extended my run by about 2 minutes also, so I did 32min instead of 30min of running because I was feeling pretty great at the end of 30 minutes.  I know it was only 2 minutes but the front of my left thigh was starting to get tight and the back of my right thigh was getting tight (a very odd sensation while running!) so I decided to just finish up.  I ran at 4.3 mph for the majority of the run.  I also made sure to stretch really well after the run since both of my thighs were a bit tight.

After my run it was lunch time, I had some left over turkey and potatoes plus I made a really delicious salad with Feta cheese! (I LOVE feta, it's yummy and lower in calories than even light cheeses).

 1/2 Orange pepper, 3/4 cup grape tomatoes, 1/4 cup baby spinach, 1 tsp dressing (Ranch), 30g Feta cheese

I like just tossing together whatever veggies I have into a bowl and seeing what I come up with!  Last week I had red pepper, tomatoes, crumbled egg, light cheddar and ranch which was SO good! 

This afternoon I was craving coffee and something baked.  I looked up biscotti recipies, but I've never made biscotti, so I figured I'd leave that to another day.  I *did* however remember a really amazing recipe that I stumbled upon a few months ago!  Single serve cookies!  Yes, that's right! You make just one cookie at a time in the oven.  I know it sounds silly, but here's why I love it.  First of all, if you're snackish it takes time to prepare.  Not a lot of time, but  you do have to mix ingredients and bake it.  If you take the time making it, it's more likely that you'll be satisfied with it and not be craving something again immediately afterwards.  It takes much more effort than just opening a package of store cookies and wolfing one down. You appreciate the work you put into it.  Next, it's only ONE cookie! It's hard to binge on one cookie!

I made two of them because I had the room in my calorie limit for two.  They're about 130 calories each, and they're pretty big!  The great part is, the recipe is so versatile!  You could add vanilla extract, spices, nuts, whatever!  I sprinkled pumpkin pie spice on them right before they went in the oven (because I forgot to mix it in until I had them on the pan! haha).

Single Serve Cookie:
2 tbsp all-purpose flour
1 tbsp brown sugar (or sweetener to cut back on calories)
1/4 tsp baking powder
2 tsp margarine
1/2 tbsp milk (or unsweetened almond milk to cut calories)

Mix first 3 ingredients together, then cream in margarine.  Mix in milk.
Place on sprayed cookie sheet.  Bake for about 10 min at 350F
Approx. 131 calories
As a note, I'd flatten them down a little so they cook evenly.

Tonight I decided to make a treat for supper.  Since Dan has been working his butt off I wanted to make him something he really enjoys.  I know he loves scalloped potatoes, but I've never made them before.  I did some google-fu and found a recipe that looked both easy to make and easy on the calories.

They turned out fabulous!  I made some boxed Tilapia.  It was Pesto and Basil Tilapia which went really well with the potatoes.  My eyes where bigger than my stomach though, this ended up being a very carb and starch heavy meal and not so much protein!  

I hope Dan likes it, he will be eating it when I'm in bed since he's working late and I have to be up early tomorrow (Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 launches tonight at midnight!) and open the store early.  Between the early launch tomorrow and inventory at the end of the week I will be very busy so I hope that I can keep my posts regular.  If not, now you know why!  I have to be at work for 6am friday and I'm SO not looking forward to it!

I know this post is photo heavy, but I'm going to leave you with one last one.  It's something I started doing awhile ago and it works out pretty great.

Sometimes I make meals ahead of time and freeze them. A great way to remember the calories is to use some masking tape and put it on the lid of the container and write down your calories.  That way 2 months down the road you don't have to hunt down the recipe to figure it out (and hope you remember what ingredients you used!).  I have a terrible memory so I put this on my scallop potatoes that I intend to eat tomorrow, ha!  I also do this if I break a package into smaller portions and freeze parts of it.  For example I bought breakfast turkey sausages and I used some, but wanted to freeze the rest but I needed to re-package it.  So I tossed the sausages in a freezer bag and wrote on it "2 sausages = 90 cal".  That way I don't have to rely on my memory or my Spark app.

Saturday, 10 November 2012

Finished c25k! Yahoo!!

Today Dan and I woke up bright and early (6:30 am actually!).  He got back from work late last night, and instead of having a few hours off and then working early in the morning, he actually was called in to be at work around 6 pm tonight! (He calls that a day off, ha!)  So we got up early so we could get a few errands done before then.  That way he could enjoy his day "off".  We got to Costco first thing in the morning (I had no idea that a horde of people line up there in the mornings! Crazy!) and got a bunch of bulk stuff.  I'm good for shampoo for probably the next two years!

While browsing the meat I remembered that  my mom picked up a turkey roast the other day and that I was meaning to get one.  Then I had a brilliant idea, I would make it when we got home.  Then we'd have an early supper together before Dan had to leave for the night.  So we picked up two, one for today and one for a rainy day (Everyone needs a roast in the freezer!).  Then we headed to Safeway and picked up everything else we needed and headed home.  It was nice to have two large shopping trips done and all put away by 11 am!

So I started the roast pretty early.  These roasts are pretty great, it has calories by weight listed on it (great if you have a scale!) and easy to cook.  However the turkey still has skin on it and lots of fat which I didn't like.  I diced up some potatoes and carrots in the crock pot and picked up some fresh thyme to toss in too.  (I LOVE thyme and turkey!).

After I tossed it in the crock pot Dan and I just lounged around for awhile.  I started reading a Jules Vern collection that we picked up at Costco  (If you see it, it has a bbeeaaauuutiful cover.  Might or might not be the reason why I bought it) and tried out my Vanilla Earl Grey tea that I've had in the back of the cupboard for awhile.  About 3:30 Dan got a call that they moved up the time that he has to leave so he would be missing supper at home!  I was actually pretty ticked off since I don't think we've had supper together in weeks, but that's the way his job is!  The roast finished as he was about to walk out the door, so I quickly wrapped some up for him.  Hopefully he has time to enjoy it tonight.

After he left I decided to do my last day of c25k!  I thought FOR SURE that something would happen and that I wouldn't finish.  I thought maybe I'd wimp out, or get an injury.  Or just put it off entirely.  Well I did it! Yee-haw!!  This is a H-U-G-E milestone for me!  I've never accomplished anything athletic in my life!  It was actually pretty easy too.  I put on a great half size me podcast and tried not to look at the run timer too often and just let my mind wander.

Look at that! It says, "Final run! 5-min. warmup, then jog for 30 minutes with no walking. You've made it!"  Why, yes I have!  

So I started out at 4.3 mph and upped it to 4.5 mph for about the last 3 minutes again.  I also doubled my normal 5 minute cool down to about a 10 minute cool down because I was light headed last time and this seemed to do the trick!  I went 2.9 miles which is 4.7 km!  I am SO close to doing 5k!  (3.1 miles is 5 km).  

My new running plan is to continue this type of run. I will be trying to go faster and to get to 5k, that's my goal.. hopefully by the end of November?

After c25k I pretty much ran to the crock pot to dish out some turkey. (Like I didn't get enough at thanksgiving!)  It was so amazing, I should make one of these every week!

I wish it was a goose, then when I opened the lid I could have said, "Your goose is cooked!"

The turkey was amazing and even though there was skin I still was able to get a good sized portion.

I also have a bazillion calories left for the day because I forgot that I eat extra on workout days so I still have over 450 calories left!  It's funny how when I started my journey I allowed myself around 1800 calories a day.  I remember thinking that 760 calories for a Subway sub was a good amount of calories for a meal! Now I eat maybe 200-300 for breakfast and 300-400 for lunch.  Imagining a 760 calorie sub is enough to make me feel full.  I'm so happy that I now find 300 calories satisfying (notice I didn't say filling?).  Sure I have to use the calories wisely, otherwise I'd still be hungry but it's VERY doable.  I never would have thought that when I started out in March 2009!

Now I have a funny story to tell.  The other day I was sitting at my computer and I started rubbing my neck. I felt all of these weird bumps and freaked OUT.  I called Dan in and asked him if my spine was out of place/I was going to die etc.  He was so confused, he felt my neck and was like, "So what?  It's just your bones."  Then I said, "But WHY can I feel them? What's wrong with my neck?!"  He said, "Your supposed to feel them..."  I felt like a complete dolt.  I mean, sure I could feel my (spine?) bones before when I massaged my own neck, but now they're VERY noticeable when I feel my neck.  I thought I had a slipped disc or something in my neck. I know, I panic very easily! I'm also starting to see my spine, very cool indeed!