Thursday, 1 November 2012

Being sick and out of coffee!

Today is the first day that I feel pretty good.  I got a nasty cold that started Monday night which totally knocked me on my keester for a few days.  It had to come at the most inconvenient of times too.  Tuesday was an especially rough day. We had a brand new game come out in the store (Assasins Creed III) and I was opening the store for the big day.  We where very busy and overloaded with stuff to do.  Not only helping customers but we had loads of stock to put away too (yay Christmastime stock is arriving!).  They sent me home which I was grateful for, but I felt pretty bad that I had to leave on such a busy day.

I was scheduled to run Week 8, Day 1 of c25k and to do day 2 of a new Yoga program I started.  Both where put on the back burner.  Normally I might try to do a bit of a work out of I'm sick but my body felt so exhausted it was a lot of work just to go up the stairs to bed.  I'm pretty sure I'd have a tough time running with my eyes watering too.  I was not a pretty sight!

Sunday I started a Yoga program at My Yoga Online.  I'm trying the beginner program and so far so good.  Some of it I couldn't do, and some of the poses I could do, but transitioning between poses was sometimes too hard to do.  I was very surprised at some of the poses I could do!  I mean, I tried downward facing dog thinking that NO WAY could I do it, but I could!  Last time I tried Yoga I was probably 60 lbs heavier and it was killer.  Now it's much easier, I'm so pleased!

This morning I was supposed to do another run and yoga session before work but I held it off because Dan finally is back from work and has this morning off.  Seeing as we haven't really seen each other in days I decided that my relationship has to come before my workout.  I'm bummed that I'm missing two workout days this week, especially after the high calorie day on Saturday but that is life.  It also helps that I tend to workout because I want to, not because I want to lose weight.  Maybe I can sneak an extra workout in this week anyways.

This morning I ran out of regular coffee, which means I can break into my stash of specialty coffee's!  When we went to Jasper we picked up Maple coffee.

It's okay, not the best coffee ever, but better than no coffee at all!  My favorite specialty coffee has to be vanilla.  Anything vanilla and I'm all over that!

Today I've decided to lower my calories again.  I'm going to try 1500 calories a day and see how my body reacts to it.  I find that I've been snacking a lot, especially in the evenings when I could be having tea or water instead.  I also need to incorporate more veggies into my diet, sometimes it's hard for me to think of adding veggies to a meal, I'm such a carb hound!  I find it easy to add grape tomatoes and mushrooms to any meal, but I need to expand my veggie meals.  

In the new year when I have more time at home I will be experimenting with new veggies and new recipes.  I hope to add some easy and delish recipes!  If there are any veggies I should try, please let me know!

Today I'm having a chicken stir-fry with Udon noodles.  It has chicken, 1 cup of brocolli, 1 cup of mushrooms and udon noodles (umm.. and Montreal steak spice because I put it on everything!).

Today is another hectic day so I must be off!  So tell me, what new veggie should I try and how was your Halloween?  We had 2 trick or treaters!  Last year we had 10!


  1. I would love to be able to do yoga at home. It's hard for me to make myself go to the class. But doing it at home means my cats think it's playtime and my poses are a jungle gym. :)

    1. I guess I'm luck that I don't have kitties or other distractions at home :) My place is pretty quiet!

  2. Yoga actually seems like it would be really relaxing once you start to remember which poses are which and transitioning from them (without getting all tangled up in yourself - maybe this doesn't happen but I think it would with me!). I've always thought about trying but I feel like I have no spare time lately!