Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Busy work life means eating out more

The past two days have been very crazy and hectic!  Yesterday we had to get the store ready for the launch of Halo 4.  We had a midnight launch for it last night, and today I had to open the store early for customers to pick it up.  It's both convenient for customers for us to have longer hours, plus that means we get customers throughout the day instead of having them all come during regular business hours.  Even though we had longer hours I was still running all day.  I stubbed my toes last night getting into bed (bad enough to ice them) and by mid day today I had to put my foot up and rest because it was aching so terribly.  Despite that, it was a fantastic day and it was nice to have customers come it and be excited about something the're picking up.  I have awesome customers and awesome co-workers, this place is fantastic.  Albeit very busy!

Between the store and life in general I feel like I have z-e-r-o time to myself.  I have eaten out a few times this week already (and have counted the calories)!  I don't mind eating out, but I'd rather keep it to a minimum.  Yesterday I ate at a local restaurant called The Chopped Leaf.  They make amazing sandwiches, wraps, soups, salads etc.  But then I had Edo Japan for supper last night too.  I was satisfied, and well within my calories, but I think I should probably try to stick to meals at home from now on.  I'm slightly paranoid about the calories being off in restaurant foods.  I usually don't mind eating in restaurants I have deemed "safe' (ie. I have reviewed the menu before going and found items I want to eat/can eat).  But I like to keep it to under 3 times a week, preferably no more than twice a week.

It's my goal starting today to either pack a lunch every single day this week for work, or to make a home made meal when I'm at home.  No eating out for the rest of the week!

Alright, so back to work!  Because I'm a super duper employee I got a Halo 4 t-shirt for free! Plus I got an energy sword pen, lanyard and dog tags.  I used the pen all day and had customers asking about it, which was pretty cool!  A few customers asked if we sold the t-shirt I was wearing (we don't, we sell another kind).

Master Chief!

The shirts have more meaning than you might think.  Sure we get free shirts all the time at work but it's only been in the past few months that I've been able to wear them.  Before I'd hang them in the closet as "goal" shirts, but eventually I'd either donate them or give them to Dan to wear.  Being able to wear these is a HUGE milestone.   Plus, who doesn't like free swag?

After work I stopped by Safeway to grab a few groceries and picked up some of my FAVOURITE snacks.  Seriously I have to be super careful with these guys because it's easy to go overboard!

I bought them in Zesty Chilles & Lime and BBQ (which I already opened!).  They're super tasty and similar for Special K chips calorie wise.  However they're a lot smaller so it feels like you need to eat more.

It seems like the snow is here to stay, so Dan and I had winter tires put on my car yesterday and  we had it in for balancing and such today.  I had to get new rims and store my regular ones away for the winter, I run low profile tires in the summer and it's to expensive to get low profile tires in the winter!  Plus the salt apparently ruins the rims too.  Too bad, they're so pretty and now I'm stuck with ugly black rims until late spring!

Dan gets about 4 days off a month and today was his second day off this month.  Since he was home he decided to make supper!  He made chicken in the oven with lemon pepper seasoning and mashed potatoes. Then for veggies (since he never remembers those!) I cut up half an orange pepper and half a cup of grape tomatoes and mixed them with 1 tsp peppercorn ranch dressing and about 1 serving (30 grams) of feta cheese.  It was SO GOOD.  I wish I got a picture because it looked really great, and tasted great too.  If I remember I will make it again tomorrow and snap a picture.

Tomorrow I run Week 8, Day 2 of c25k which is running for 28 minutes.  I was going to do it today but because my foot is aching still I decided that I will wait until tomorrow. Hopefully a night of rest will help it out.


  1. You're so adorable! smile lights up the picture :D

    Eating out is a difficult one - I enjoy it mostly if it's a social gathering, otherwise, I'd rather stay home! ha!

    Have a good run tomorrow!