Saturday, 10 November 2012

Finished c25k! Yahoo!!

Today Dan and I woke up bright and early (6:30 am actually!).  He got back from work late last night, and instead of having a few hours off and then working early in the morning, he actually was called in to be at work around 6 pm tonight! (He calls that a day off, ha!)  So we got up early so we could get a few errands done before then.  That way he could enjoy his day "off".  We got to Costco first thing in the morning (I had no idea that a horde of people line up there in the mornings! Crazy!) and got a bunch of bulk stuff.  I'm good for shampoo for probably the next two years!

While browsing the meat I remembered that  my mom picked up a turkey roast the other day and that I was meaning to get one.  Then I had a brilliant idea, I would make it when we got home.  Then we'd have an early supper together before Dan had to leave for the night.  So we picked up two, one for today and one for a rainy day (Everyone needs a roast in the freezer!).  Then we headed to Safeway and picked up everything else we needed and headed home.  It was nice to have two large shopping trips done and all put away by 11 am!

So I started the roast pretty early.  These roasts are pretty great, it has calories by weight listed on it (great if you have a scale!) and easy to cook.  However the turkey still has skin on it and lots of fat which I didn't like.  I diced up some potatoes and carrots in the crock pot and picked up some fresh thyme to toss in too.  (I LOVE thyme and turkey!).

After I tossed it in the crock pot Dan and I just lounged around for awhile.  I started reading a Jules Vern collection that we picked up at Costco  (If you see it, it has a bbeeaaauuutiful cover.  Might or might not be the reason why I bought it) and tried out my Vanilla Earl Grey tea that I've had in the back of the cupboard for awhile.  About 3:30 Dan got a call that they moved up the time that he has to leave so he would be missing supper at home!  I was actually pretty ticked off since I don't think we've had supper together in weeks, but that's the way his job is!  The roast finished as he was about to walk out the door, so I quickly wrapped some up for him.  Hopefully he has time to enjoy it tonight.

After he left I decided to do my last day of c25k!  I thought FOR SURE that something would happen and that I wouldn't finish.  I thought maybe I'd wimp out, or get an injury.  Or just put it off entirely.  Well I did it! Yee-haw!!  This is a H-U-G-E milestone for me!  I've never accomplished anything athletic in my life!  It was actually pretty easy too.  I put on a great half size me podcast and tried not to look at the run timer too often and just let my mind wander.

Look at that! It says, "Final run! 5-min. warmup, then jog for 30 minutes with no walking. You've made it!"  Why, yes I have!  

So I started out at 4.3 mph and upped it to 4.5 mph for about the last 3 minutes again.  I also doubled my normal 5 minute cool down to about a 10 minute cool down because I was light headed last time and this seemed to do the trick!  I went 2.9 miles which is 4.7 km!  I am SO close to doing 5k!  (3.1 miles is 5 km).  

My new running plan is to continue this type of run. I will be trying to go faster and to get to 5k, that's my goal.. hopefully by the end of November?

After c25k I pretty much ran to the crock pot to dish out some turkey. (Like I didn't get enough at thanksgiving!)  It was so amazing, I should make one of these every week!

I wish it was a goose, then when I opened the lid I could have said, "Your goose is cooked!"

The turkey was amazing and even though there was skin I still was able to get a good sized portion.

I also have a bazillion calories left for the day because I forgot that I eat extra on workout days so I still have over 450 calories left!  It's funny how when I started my journey I allowed myself around 1800 calories a day.  I remember thinking that 760 calories for a Subway sub was a good amount of calories for a meal! Now I eat maybe 200-300 for breakfast and 300-400 for lunch.  Imagining a 760 calorie sub is enough to make me feel full.  I'm so happy that I now find 300 calories satisfying (notice I didn't say filling?).  Sure I have to use the calories wisely, otherwise I'd still be hungry but it's VERY doable.  I never would have thought that when I started out in March 2009!

Now I have a funny story to tell.  The other day I was sitting at my computer and I started rubbing my neck. I felt all of these weird bumps and freaked OUT.  I called Dan in and asked him if my spine was out of place/I was going to die etc.  He was so confused, he felt my neck and was like, "So what?  It's just your bones."  Then I said, "But WHY can I feel them? What's wrong with my neck?!"  He said, "Your supposed to feel them..."  I felt like a complete dolt.  I mean, sure I could feel my (spine?) bones before when I massaged my own neck, but now they're VERY noticeable when I feel my neck.  I thought I had a slipped disc or something in my neck. I know, I panic very easily! I'm also starting to see my spine, very cool indeed!


  1. Congrats on ur 5K :)
    LOL @ the neck bit and maybe I can say Kudos too.

    I have been meaning to ask is that your cell phone that shows your 5K run.
    If it is can I ask what is the app.

    1. The 5k app I use is called "Run 5k" and it's made by Felt Tip Inc. And yes, I use it on my iPhone!

  2. aw I'm sorry Dan had to leave before supper again!

    Congrats on finishing the program!! I'm glad to hear you increased the cool-down time to suit yourself since you weren't feeling well last time.

    The last paragraph - you are too cute. Amazing, congrats. You look faaaab!

  3. SO happy for you, congrats :D.

    I've tried to calorie count... where do you even start?! I don't even know what I should be eating...

    And I've never heard of a food scale... does it really help? Like, worth it to buy one?

  4. Calorie counting can be very tedious at first. I recommend finding a website to help you out, like Sparkpeople (link on the sidebar) or MyFitnessPal. They tell you how many calories to eat based on your current weight and your goal weight and they can even give you a meal plan if you prefer. They have calories listed for a ton of food items, plus you can add your own food to the list. Plus, Spark is great because there are a ton of articles about portion sizes etc. If it's still daunting just remember that it takes time to get into the grove of calorie counting. It's second nature for me now, and it will be for you too.

    I LOVE my food scales. I use it for most food items (Like weighing meat, pastas, crackers, cheese etc). A lot of items show nutrition value for a certain weight of that item (ie. Cheeses are usually X calories for 30grams. Well you can guess how much 30g is, or you could just weigh it and get an exact number. Same with meats, a lot of them are packaged saying 1 chicken breast(or 100g)=80calories. When really not EVERY one is 100g, if you weigh it then you know exactly what you're eating.