Friday, 30 November 2012

New licence photo

I don't have a lot to share today.  I received my new license in the mail today and I wanted to show you the comparison between the two.  The first one was taken 11 months ago, last December.  The one on the right was taken this past Saturday.  Not only is my face smaller, but I look so much healthier too!  I was quite shocked at the difference.

Tomorrow I'm going to the farmers market, they're having a giant Christmas market with a lot more local vendors than normal. I'm SO excited to go!  I hope to pick a few smaller things for those tough to buy for people.  Maybe something unique and local is just the way to go!

Other than that, I hope to have a few relaxing days off.  It has been snowing like crazy, so I'm not in any  hurry to go anywhere or do anything else.  I already have to shovel my parking spot at home (The snow at the front of my spot goes over the hood of my car!), and I don't really feel like buzzing around town on a busy shopping weekend.

Drive safe if you're out and about this weekend!


  1. Wow! Such an amazing difference! It was so hard to really notice a difference since I saw you so often before, but now that I am only getting to see you maybe every few weeks for the last few months I am just floored by the changes!

    You look so amazing Daphne, and I'm so happy to see that you're feeling more confident with yourself too! <3

  2. You look so good hon!
    I can see a remarkable difference in the two pictures!

  3. WOW! Who takes a licence photo like that?? You are GLOWING! I look a hot mess in all of mine.

  4. You look amazing!! What an awesome difference.

  5. Wow! What a difference! Isn't it fun to look through old pictures and compare? That's one of the best license pictures I have ever seen! Gorgeous!