Sunday, 4 November 2012

Phenomenal running day & Daphne's kitchen "must haves"

Today was a phenomenal workout day.  I was a little worried that I'd be sluggish today since we visited relatives last night and we had *drools* pulled pork on a bun!  Sometimes white buns make me a bit sluggish, but I only had one, and had half a plate of raw veggies so I think I did quite alright.

I realized today that on my c25k program that I'm on the last week!  Most programs run until the end of week 9, but mine stops at week 8 day 3.  I can't believe I'm almost done!

I burned a whole 370 calories which is 45 more than at the beginning of the week, which is crazy progress for me!  I ran at a steady 4.2 mph and for the last 3 minutes I pumped it up to 4.5 mph!! If you would have asked me last week if I could do 4.5 mph I would have laughed.  But I did it easily! HOT DIGGITY!

I went 2.507 miles, which is 4km! That's also the farthest I've ever gone, last week I was doing a consistent 3.5 km run so adding on that extra 0.5 km was fantastic!
Hard to tell, but I was very red like a tomato.  And my bangs started to curl from being sweaty.
So my goal is to do 5 km by my birthday which is on the 23rd of this month.  It might be a bit of a stretch, but I'm confident that barring any injuries or anything else that will keep me from running, that I can probably do it, if not then I'll be very very close!

Another goal I have is to be in the 220's by my birthday (106+lbs lost). I only have about 2 lbs to go so I'm pretty confident that I'll be able to do that also.

I also had over an hour of Yoga planned today but I made the decision not to do it.  I'm very beat after this run and I have so many things to do today that I didn't plan for.  I'm not worried about not doing it, since I'm just doing it for fun.  I just need to make a plan to do Yoga on days that I have lots of time, and not on running days until I'm up for it.  I think in the new year when my hours at work drop I will be able to do Yoga more often, but for now I might keep it to 1-2 times a week at most.

Since this week has been hectic I haven't really had a chance to go grocery shopping.  This tends to happen every few weeks where life catches up to me and I find myself peering into the pantry and wondering if it's easier to make a healthy meal out of the scrap I have, or to just eat out!  I decided to make a list of foods that I always fall back on, and are foods I can use to whip up any kind of meal.

Easy veggies/fruit
1. Grape tomatoes.  These little guys can go into scrambled eggs, stir frys, pastas, salads, sandwiches, or can be eaten as a snack.  Same goes for my next favorite...
2. Peppers. Same as grape tomatoes, although they do require a bit more work, then can go into almost any meal.
3. Frozen veggies.  Sometimes you just don't have time or the money to pick up fresh produce.  A variety of frozen veggies are great, especially when you look through your crisper and realize all the produce you had has gone bad.
4. Romaine lettuce.  If you're always pressed for time, then buy the pre-cut and washed bags. It's so easy to make a great salad in a hurry this way.

Easy Protein
1. Peanut butter/nut butters.  Pretty obvious, you can have for snacks on toast, celery, or mix with protein powder and mashed bananas and freeze for a post workout snack.  PB is so versatile and easy for quick protein.
2. Tuna in water.  I LOVE how easy tuna is! Seriously, just toss it on a salad, sandwich, a wrap, pita, or with pasta, tomatoes and Parmesan and BAM a tasty meal.
3. Eggs/Egg whites. If I'm pressed for time I'll grab my egg poacher and make poached eggs, or maybe some quick scrambled eggs.  SO easy and a must have.
4. Awwww Nuts!  Having nuts around to throw into yogurt, oatmeal, or to just much on in a homemade trail mix is a must.  Just make sure you measure them out because the calories add up fast.
5. Hummus. I buy a hummus that is actually a blend of roasted red pepper dip and hummus so it's a bit lower in calories and has a bit of kick.  It's really great for evenings when I need to get more veggies and protein in to my diet.  A great dip but use it up within a few days.

Easy Dairy
1. Almond/soy milk.  I'm not lactose intolerant, but I still keep almond milk around for cereal and baking because it's so low in calories.  I've put it in cookie mixes before without ruining a recipe and it stays in the fridge longer than regular milk.
2. Cheeses.  I'm a cheese hound so I try to keep either light cheese, or light babybel around to satisfy those cravings.  Parmesan and Feta are also amazing and shockingly low in calories.   They're really great if you need more protein/dairy in a meal or if you want to add zing to scrambled eggs, pasta etc.
3. Greek yogurt.  I'm always low in my calcium so by adding dairy foods that I enjoy it's easier to get the calcium I need. Greek yogurt is great for something quick at work and it's HEAVENLY. Seriously.

Easy Carbs
1. Granola bars.  Some people might debate this.  I use granola bars when I have a meal mostly consisting of veggies and protein. (ie. a salad).  Or if I need to be sustained for a longer amount of time and I don't think protein alone will do.
2. Quick cook oats.  You know those recipes on Pinterest with the oats in a jar and you can add all sorts of goodies and it's cute as hell?  Well if you add the right stuff it can be super healthy for you!  Add ground flax, nuts, PB, dried fruit, fresh fruit etc and you have an easy breakfast in the morning.
3. Quinoa or rice.  Pretty self explanitory! You can add these two to almost any meal to pump it up.  If you're okay with gluten then whole wheat spaghetti or macaroni is great for when you're pressed for time too.

1. Tzatziki.  I LOVE tzatkiki! I use it as a dip for veggies, on wraps, pitas, in salads!  It also lasts quite awhile in the fridge too.
2. Salsa.  I use salsa when I have a salad that requires Ranch dressing.  I use part ranch part salsa instead.  Adds a bit of a kick and is tasty too.  Salsa is also great for scrambled eggs, omelets  and of course if you make home made chips!
3. Mustard and hot sauce.  Some people wont eat them because of the sodium, which is totally fine.  I love to use them instead of mayo or ketchup.  I use them on pastas, turkey burgers etc.
4. Frozen turkey burgers. I use these when I'm pressed for time, or in the summer when it's too hot to cook outside.  Cook from frozen and a lot of varieties have no additives or preservatives.
5. Frozen dinners.  Yes, that's right!  I don't eat them often but I do always have about 2 in my freezer for those times when I have ZERO time.  They are the Eat Right brand from Safeway usually.  I will either have them at work with easy snacks, or I'll toss it in a pan with frozen veggies to bulk it up and quickly heat it up.  Not ideal, but better than take out.

What are your "must haves" in your kitchen?

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