Friday, 21 December 2012

110 lbs lost! Photos!

This week has been less stressful for some reason, but utterly chaotic at the same time.  I have been busy busy busy all week but not as stressed out about it as I have been in the past few weeks.  Maybe because Christmas is right around the corner and I've been counting down the days until I had a bit of time off.

In fact I've been running around in life so much, that I didn't run ALL week.  Not because I made excuses, but because I would have so much to do and just fall into bed at night and wonder where my day went.  I really started feeling sluggish these past few days, which is a pretty big sign that I need to go for a run and not delay it any longer.

This was another run that just flew by! I ran 4.8 mph for the majority of the run and for the last 8 minutes I pumped it up to 5.0 mph!  I felt like I was flying!  Or maybe like I expected my feet to be taken out from under me.  It was great to do it though and to know that I really can run that fast!

My mom came in one morning for a quick visit before I had to head into work. (She drove over an hour and a half to visit me before work! Yay to moms!)  She also dropped off some Christmtas gifts.  She had some of her wedding photos framed for us.  They're so beautiful, and I'm so happy to have them.  I have pretty bare walls so they'll be a great addition. 

My moms dog, Daisy. She actually posed for once!

Which brings me to some pretty great news! I'm at 110 lbs lost!  I had a few stubborn weeks where the weight seemed to just trickle off and then come back which was frustrating.  But for some reason my body kicked into gear this month.  I wasn't going to take pictures just yet I'm waiting to lose another 10-15 lbs, but I wanted to show you a few comparisons anyways.
Dan and I at my moms wedding this summer. 20 lbs ago.

My 100lbs lost face photo. 10 lbs ago.

Me today! 110lbs lost.

I know that the photos are all taken at slightly different angles, but I don't think it's enough of an angle difference to account for how much my face has changed since August. In case you missed it, I have one pointy chin now, instead of two pillowy chins!

So because I love statistics and numbers, here are a few for you!  To date, I have lost 33% of my original weight.  Yes, I currently weigh 67% of my starting weight!  I can't wait until I'm half my starting size!  

So when I was 335 lbs you can imagine that my BMI was sky high. Here is a quick BMI chart for reference:
BMI (In Canada, this might be different for other countries)
25- 29.9 and you're considered Overweight
30-34.9 and you're Obese Class I
35-39.9 and you're Obese Class II (Morbid obesity)
>40 and you're Obese Class III  (Super Obesity)

At 335 lbs, my BMI was 49.5!! Not only was I considered "Obese" I was even beyond Morbid obesity! I was in the Super Obesity category. I wasn't even a little bit into that category, I was wwaaaayyyy into it.  As in, I was a poster child for Super Obesity. I was in the same category as the people on those weight loss shows.   You know, "My 600 lb life" and so on.  Yup, I was grouped with those people too, and I probably should have been.  

Well now my BMI is 33.1, so I'm still in the Obesity range but I think that I've done pretty well and dropped a few rungs.  

And now a few statistics for the year.  I re-started my weight loss journey in January of this year.  Since then I have dropped 65.4 lbs.  That was 49 weeks ago, which works out to 1.33 lbs lost per week this year.  I think that's a phenomenal number and I'm pleased! I honestly thought that the number would be lower.  I know that early this summer I had a weight loss dry spell, and not to mention the dry spell I had the past few weeks. I'm glad I'm "average" with my weight loss.  I couldn't be happier!

Awkward photo is awkward!!

Now my goal for the next week is to make it through Christmas day (which I have no worries about) and the following week so I can bring in the New Year healthy and happy.  


  1. :) great pics Daph!
    I love the outfit(is that what you call it?) Daisy is wearing...cute!

    Your face looks leaner and congrats on the 10 lbs loss. :)

    1. My mom likes to dress up her puppies in different sweaters. It gets pretty cold here, so it's a good idea! She was wearing a doggie t-shirt that said "Princess" on it!

  2. Wow Daphne! I'm so proud of you! I just want to brag to everyone when anything about weight loss is mentioned about how awesome my sister is doing!

    You look so great and you seem so much happier, I'm so happy for you! :) <3

  3. Awesome pictures!! You should be so proud at what you have accomplished!

  4. Daphne, you look great!! I love your "pointy" chin! ;) Cingratulations on such a huge accomplishment!!

  5. You are just ahhhhhhmazing!!! Wow! CONGRATS on this huge achievment!!

    P.s loved your comment at how all-out your dad goes with Christmas lights. Sooo cute, i'd love that in my neighbourhood!!

    1. Thanks!! Yeah, he's a pretty funny dude! Especially with the Christmas stuff!

  6. Awesome, and inspirational! I <3 awkward photos :)