Saturday, 1 December 2012

Bombing around in my car in this winter wonderland!

I woke up this morning with the intention of shoveling out my parking spot at home.  I woke up and headed out to my car, but ever since the beginning of October my right wrist has been aching off and on.  It started acting up a few days ago, so instead of shoveling out my spot I just cleared off my car and hoped it would quit aching soon.  It ached for a good part of our trip to Jasper at the beginning of October (and it was really cold in Japser), so I'm wondering if the cold bothers it?

Once I got the car cleared off I had to drive around town and do a few errands. I'm so glad the everyone was driving slow because there was so much ice and snow on the ground.  I was a little nervous at first.  Once I got used to driving around it was almost fun!  Last winter I tended to slip and slide a lot more, but this year Daniel put all new winter tires on my car. I feel like I'm just bombing around through the snow! It's great!  Sure I still slip and slide, but now I don't get stuck as easily, and I can actually drive in and out of my parking spot without getting stuck (yet!).

I wish I got a picture of our deck, there's snow almost up to my knees already!  I'm pretty sure this is abnormal, this time last year I think we had just a skiff of snow!  I dislike the cold, but it sure feels like Christmas outside!

Once my errands where done I headed over to the giant Farmers Market.  I love going to the Women's show every year (where they set up vendors and have fashion shows, etc) and I figured this would be the same but smaller.  BOY was I wrong! It was H-U-G-E!!  Usually events take part in only one part of the building (A very large kind of room. It' holds TONS of vendors).  Well they also had an arena filled with vendors too!  I probably did a little happy dance when I got there.

There was the typical stuff. Vendors selling knick knacks, fudge, purses, scarves, ornaments and so on.  There was one vendor that sells art that I rreeaalllly wanted. They're beautiful pieces. She takes flowers and such from her garden and glues them onto paper to make art.  I have one that's a dress she made out of flowers that's gorgeous!  She tours all over Canada and only comes up this way about once a year.

My picture does not do it any justice! The dress is made out of deep purple flower petals. It's SO gorgeous. I wanted to buy another to dress up my office, but I just couldn't justify the price this close to Christmas! (hint hint Dan!) For anyone interested in her work, she can be found here.

I found a little stall that sold soy candles.  I'm a candle addict. No lie!  I have SO many candles around my house it's criminal!  I *was* however out of votives for a votive holder I have.

Super cheapie votive holder from Jysk.  The middle one is a deep red.  But it looks great this time of year with all of Christmas lights up!

I of course went with Christmas smelling votive's.  The white ones are "Tinsel" and have glitter in them.  The purple one is "Mulberry" and the brown ones are "Egg Nog"!  They were a pretty reasonable price ($12.50 total!) and smell amazing!  I'm sad to say it was my only purchase today, I did contemplate buying some angel ornaments made out of broken china, but they were pretty pricey.  It was just nice to walk around and to see so many Christmas items in one warm building!

Afterwards I was pretty hungry, so I stopped to get lunch to go.  I walked into the restaurant with my scarf pulled up over my hair (so it doesn't go curly), and when I approached the counter the cooks (who you can see at their grill behind the counter) started elbowing one guy and smiling.  Then the guy they elbowed looked up at me and said "Hi!! Welcome!" with a big smile. Then they all started giggling.  I pulled down my scarf thinking maybe they thought my scarf looked funny.  What a self conscious moment I had.  I'm pretty sure I looked anything buy funny, but either way that was stuck in my head.  

Once I got home I made some green tea that I've neglected.  I've been drinking my tea with no sweetener and I really enjoy it.  I love any kind of Vanilla, spice, or green teas.  I like them so much that I've asked Dan for a tea pot for Christmas! (Another one, since I have a loose leaf tea pot already that I use for blooming tea).  But the one I asked for is a tiny pot just for one person.  If I don't get it for Christmas I think I might go down to David's Tea and buy one.  I think it'd be just perfect for this blustery weather we've been having!

I think I've been in a pretty Christmassy mood today.  I sat down and played Mario Kart on my 3DS all afternoon with just the Christmas lights on in the living room.  It felt like Christmas morning as a kid! It reminded me of when we would get a new video game or a game system Christmas morning and we'd sit there and play the day away.  I probably shouldn't have played so much though, I already beat the game!

This afternoon I had a 30 minute run scheduled.  I tried pretty hard to think of a way of NOT doing it.  But alas I had to.  It's the last day of the week and I need to hit 3 runs this week. No way out of it!

The run was fairly uneventful in itself.  I tried my new playlist that I got from which was okay.  I think I'll be changing some songs around.  Some songs really jived with me, and others made me feel like a snail.  I didn't however skip a single song, which is a first for me!  I also ran 4.5mph for the first 20 minutes, then 4.7 mph for the last 10 minutes which is a pretty big jump for me.  I usually do 4.5-4.7 for the last 2 minutes.  Today was just perfect I guess!

My head is smaller! The first time a headband has stayed on for a whole workout!

I find that I get a little restless on the days I'm not running, so I think I might try some speed walking on the treadmill. (I NEVER ever thought I would think that I would be restless on "off" days!) That way I'm not eating mindlessly, nor bored in front of the computer.  Plus it's a good time for me to catch up on longer podcasts!

One really great benefit I've noticed lately is that my core muscles are better since running.  I used to really waver on the treadmill at the beginning. I would run all over that damn thing.  Sometimes I would even tip to the right or left and I'd have to grab the sides so I wouldn't tip right off the side!  I don't have to do that anymore!  I've noticed to that when I step on the scale that I don't waver on the scale either. I feel more firmly planted on my feet.  I used to have to weight myself 3 times and take the constant two numbers because I would sway a bit.  Now it's always consistent!  

Another thing that's changed is the way my stomach looks.  Now if you've watched The Biggest Loser then you'll know what I'm talking about.  Do you remember when the contestants would start to get stomach muscle definition under their stomach fat? How they'd get the line down the center of their belly and sometimes on the sides too?  Well that's what I have!  It's not super spectacular looking or anything since I'm still a big girl.  But at least I know that something is going on under that flab!

Happy December!

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  1. We need new winter tires - it is BAD out there with the snow/cold/ice. accch!
    I went to the Farmar's Market today too!

    VERY well done on getting the run done, even if you didn't feel like it. You're honestly such a huge inspiration.