Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Healthy living survey

Well I am just two months into blogging and I have over 5k pageviews.  Thank you to whomever keeps stopping by.  My posts aren't always interesting, but I'm glad some of you keep coming back!

So twelve months and 4 days ago I accomplished something I never thought I could do.  I got my drivers license!  When I was a teen I was soooo ready to get my learners permit.  A few months after my 14th birthday (the age in Alberta where you can get your learners permit) I did my test and scored 100%!  I had almost the entire drivers instructors manual memorized.  THAT'S how badly I wanted to drive!  Then somewhere in my teens I ended up getting really anxious about driving.  I remember trying to learn on my moms Cavalier, and for the life of me I couldn't drive a standard.  I felt like a complete idiot and maybe I just quit believing in myself?

Well last December I finally went in to get my road test done, and of course I passed!  (And the lady who tested me made a big deal out of pointing out that I didn't look both ways at one abandoned railway crossing when I passed over it... which was right NEXT to a major intersection that I was watching out for, oh and she had me changing lanes so I could make the next turn.  She said she "passed me anyways" PAH!)  Anyways, I've been driving all year and I'm not too bad at it!

Isn't she b-e-a-utiful?  Her name is Genova the G6.

I own a 2006 G6 GT, it's a beautiful gutsy little car.  I was merging into some traffic yesterday, and my power steering decided to cut out as I was turning on the icy roads on the way to work!  I pulled over and called Dan since I had no idea what was going on.  Apparently it's one of those "turn the car off and on" deals, I guess it's a problem with the electronics??  He said that if it happens again to let him know, and that he received a repair notice from GM about this awhile ago so we might have to take my car in. I hope it's not expensive, a week before Christmas is not a good time for things to happen to your car!

I still have lots of work days left this week, and lots to do so this might be my last post until Saturday or Sunday. So I will leave you with this:

I found this survey on the blog Defying Lupus.  I thought the questions where pretty great and I figured I'd give them a shot.  Feel free to "steal" the survey and link back to here.
1. What did you eat for breakfast?
Usually I eat whole wheat toast and natural peanut butter for breakfast.  Sometimes I have whole grain English muffins with poached eggs too.  If I'm out of either of those I will occasionally have Shredded wheat with skim milk or oatmeal (not instant, yuck!).  And always coffee!
2. How much water do you drink a day?
I aim for 8+ glasses of water a day. My goal would be closer to 10, or 12 if I'm working out.
3. What is your least favorite “healthy” food?
I usually like most healthier foods that I come across, or I can usually prepare them in a way that I like them.  Some leafy greens (Arugula I think?) I really don't like and some granola bars can be pretty bland and cardboard-like.
4. What is your favorite fruit?
Blueberries!! I just LOVE me some blueberries. You can put blueberries on anything! You can make a sauce out of them and use it on Salmon or Chicken, or stick them in a smoothie, or cereal, or oatmeal or in your yogurt. Blueberries are just AMAZING.  After Blueberries, I love bananas, then apples.
5. What is your favorite vegetable?
Do mashed potatoes count??
Probably red and orange peppers and grape tomatoes.  Next would be spinach because it's so versatile.
6. How many calories do you burn a week?
Probably around 800-1350 a week as an approximation.
7. How many calories do you eat a day?
My goal is 1500 a day, up to 1700 if I work out.
8. What are your favorite healthy snacks?
Hummus and veggies, Oatmeal with mixins, Frozen yogurt, Greek yogurt with mixins,  and anything with cheese on it!
9. What do you usually eat for lunch?
Depends on the day.  If I'm at home I might have soup and a sandwich, or salad.  Sometimes tortilla pizzas or eggs and toast.  If I'm working I usually have left overs from supper or odds and ends. Like granola bars, yogurt, salad, raw fruits and veggies, tuna and so on.  I usually grab whatever is around me and throw it into my lunch bag!
10. What is usually for dinner?
Usually anything with Chicken breast, tuna, frozen fish, ground turkey or eggs. I tend to eat a lot of mushrooms, tomatoes, peppers, broccoli, and spinach too.  There are so many combinations! 
11. What is your favorite body part to strength train?
My arms, because I have weights at home and it's super easy to do.
12. What is your least favorite body part to strength train?
My stomach/core muscles. Who really likes doing sit ups, like really??
13. What is your least favorite exercise?
Usually aerobics. Or anything that involves dance/coordination/jumping.  I'd rather run on the treadmill than bounce around.
14. What is your favorite exercise?
Running!  Soon I'll be trying Yoga too.
15. What is your “bad” food cravings?
I generally crave salty snacks or foods.  Like chips, dips, cheeses, or fried foods.  Sometimes I crave chocolate, but not too often.
16. What is your go to workout song?
First of the Year- Skrillex  Dont ask me why, I just sync with this song when I'm running.
17. Do you take vitamins or supplements?
I take a multi-vitamin that has Magnesium, Calcium and D3 as well as Folate. I can't take any with Iron in it since Iron gives me nasty headaches.
18. How often do you eat out?
Up to several times a week.  I try to keep it to 1-3 times a week maximum.
19. Do you eat fast food?
Yes. My fast food of choice is Edo, and Subway and local sandwich shops.  I don't eat fast food like McDonalds, A&W, Wendy's, KFC etc however.
20. How do you stay motivated?
In the beginning it was hard.  I just made small goals like focusing on the next 3 lbs.  Or making it through one meal successfully.  Now it's a lot easier and everything I do comes more naturally than at the beginning.  I suppose just feeling good and knowing this is best is my motivation to keep going.
21. Who is your biggest supporter?
Dan is my biggest supporter and fan.  He asks me every day how I'm doing emotionally and diet wise and is ready to help me if I'm having a down day.  My family are big fans as well, and without their praise I'd be lost.
22. How much weight have you lost?
As of today I've lost 109.8lbs

23. How did you determine your goal weight?
I haven't set a goal weight yet.  I like to just focus on what's right in front of me.  I'd like to see myself at 200 lbs.  Really, I'd like to be around 140 lbs but that's not something I'll cry over if I don't hit that in the next 12 months.  I will probably decide a goal weight when I'm smaller.

24. Do you have a gym membership?

25. How often do you work out?
Depending on the week, anywhere from 2-4 times a week.  The average probably being 2.5 times a week.
26. What is your favorite gym equipment to use?
My treadmill!  Besides that I have hand weights that I use as well.
27. How much sleep do you get a night?
I usually get 9 hours of sleep a night.
28. Are you a morning or night workout person?
I'm a late-morning workout person.  My favourite time to workout is right before lunchtime.
29. Do you have a “cheat” day?
No, that would be a really great reason for me to binge and to start the negative cycle of bingeing and looking forward to bingeing.  If I want a treat I will incorporate it into my diet just like anything else I eat.
30. Do you drink soda?
I have been cutting back lately. If I do, I try to drink caffeine-free diet soda or clear sodas.
31. Do you drink alcohol? How much?
It depends on what's going on.  Usually no I don't.  If I'm at an event where there is alcohol I'll usually have wine or some rum.  Usually less than 5 drinks.
32. Any other vices?
I'm a sucker for low calorie chips.  Like Special K chips, Pepperidge farm cracker chips and Lays baked chips.  None of which are clean eating, which would be how I would prefer to eat.
33. What do you not like about your body? What do you love about your body?
What a nasty question!  You can't lose a lot of weight without having issues.  I have loads of loose skin which lately has been making it hard for me to buy clothing, especially bras.  Shirts and jeans have been hard to find too.  My skin is getting wrinkles too, partly from the weight loss and partly because.. well I'm getting older!

I love my eyes, and my legs.  The rest can have a makeover! ;D
34. Do you have a workout buddy?
No. I used to work out with Dan, but we tend to bicker when we workout together.  Or I tend to turn into a wimp around him.  When I workout by myself I feel more "true" to myself if that makes sense.
35. What is the best thing that has changed about your life since committing to this Healthy Lifestyle?
There are so many things! I feel so much happier mentally, my body feels great and now I have goals and a purpose to my life.  What more could I ask for?

I hope everyone has a great week, only 6 more days until Christmas!!  Are you done your Christmas shopping yet?


  1. Niceee, I'm also just a bit over 2 months into

    CONGRATS on getting your driving licence, that's a big deal!

  2. Congratulations on the license! I love blueberries, too.
    When they are in season I go blueberries picking an OD on them :D

  3. WOW...lucky you :)
    I still have a lot to accomplish. Blog wise and weight-loss wise;)
    I have started to love the treadmill too(almost!)

  4. Glad to see you found it and filled it out!