Saturday, 15 December 2012

My new rings are in and Christmas party prep

Last night after work I rushed down to the mall to pick up my wedding ring set that I had sized and soldered together.  When she pulled out the little baggy with my rings my heart sank. I looked at the rings and thought, "those are WAY too small, they're not going to fit!"  She pulled them out for me to try on, and I just held them in the palm of my hand for a minute just to see the size. They are tiny, very very tiny.  I slowly pushed the rings onto my ring finger and... they fit!  An absolute perfect fit.  Not too tight and not too loose.  I had the biggest grin on my face when I left!  My ring size went from 7.5 to 5.5!  (No wonder my hands are always cold, I have stick fingers now!)  

I haven't worn my rings in so long that it's weird to wear them again.  I probably haven't been able to wear my rings for a year now.  Plus now that they're all put together they're much easier to wear than when they where separate.  Dan will be happy, I've been hit on a handful of times at work lately and he figures me wearing my rings again will stop them all in their tracks! ;D

Well I survived working a Saturday right before Christmas while working in retail.  I thought it would be crazier, but we had an extra cash register brought in for the holidays and it really seems to make a huge difference!  Plus so many of the customers where in a cheery mood that it was just an overall fantastic day!  I'm so happy that customers where in a decent mood, or if they weren't they most likely left in a decent mood.  It really makes a difference this time of year.

At noon we where so busy that I didn't think I'd get a lunch break.  Being hungry and knowing that I can't eat sometimes puts me in panic mode.  It's kind of a residual mode I sometimes slip  into from my former eating habits. If it was meal time and I was hungry and I wasn't getting food I would get really panicky.  Sometimes I would cry, or get really angry.  If I was hungry and shaky then it was the absolute end of the world.  Dan had to hold me so  many times when I would lay in bed bawling my eyes out because I was so hungry and it wasn't quite dinner time yet. (I didn't want to eat too early because then I knew I'd get hungry again before bed and I wouldn't have calories left, thus I'd be a bawling fit again before bedtime).  Yes I threw hissy fits because I wanted to eat but I shouldn't yet.  

Now I know how to schedule my calories to avoid getting shaky, and to avoid the panic that sets in.  Today however we where so busy I was afraid I'd have to delay my lunch break by a few hours.  Fortunately, right when the panic was setting in, the waves of customers slowed down and I ran out to order and gulp down food a few doors down from work.  In hindsight I should have packed a lunch for such a busy day.

When I got home from work I threw off my work clothes and jumped right into my running clothes and onto the treadmill.  It was an absolutely fantastic run, daresay.. I LIKED it!  I had a bounce in my step and didn't get tired until the very end.  Usually about halfway through I get tired.

I was up at 5:45 AM to get ready for work.  I hustled my butt all day at work, ran home from work and hopped onto the treadmill before suppertime.  If I can do that and still be obese, then you can too!  I ran 3 miles which is 4.8km.  FOUR POINT EIGHT KILOMETERS before supper time! There you have it folks, if this obese food addict on little sleep can run almost 5 kilometers after a hectic day at work, then you can too.

The run like I said was really great.  I think I was still on a high from running around work and that transferred itself into the run.  I ran at 4.6 mph and for the last minute and a half I ran at FIVE mph! I've never gone that fast and decided to give it a go.  It was surprisingly easy!  This might mean that I have to increase my speed the next time I run! (inner groan).

I really like pushing my limits because I keep surprising myself.  I had such low self esteem before, that I would never EVER in a million years believe that I would still be running.  HECK that I would be running 4-5 kilometers several times a week!  I thought that I would quit, like I quit everything else.  Now it's interesting to see how fast I can go each week and I'm confident that I will reach any goals I set.  My mini goal is to do a whole run at 5 mph.  Breaking 5 seems to be a big mental hurdle for me. (Just like how breaking 4 was a mental hurdle two months ago!).

Tonight Dan and I have the evening off.  We will be hosting my work Christmas party at my home.  Our company doesn't sponsor Christmas parties so we pooled our money together to get Pizzas and secret Santa gifts for each other.  This is the first time in years that we've gotten together for Christmas and I'm so excited.  I work with a really really fantastic group of people (friends!!) and I think we're going to have a fantastic night.

That being said, we're all typical gamers and nerds so this party is not going to have especially healthy food.  People are bringing Egg Nog and Spinach Dip to go along with the Pizza! (Yikes I know!).  Normally I'd offer to have a veggie platter of sorts for a party but this I doubt is a group that'll go for a veggie platter.  So what I decided to do is use all of the calories I burned from my run and add it to the calories I have left after supper.  Normally I don't allow myself so many calories, but I think I'll need it tonight.  I'll be surrounded by three really triggering food items.  I know I have Dan there to keep me in check, but I want a REALLY big buffer, just in case!  I'm also contemplating adding a run tomorrow for extra buffer even though it's a scheduled rest day.  I haven't decided yet if I will however.

Do you have a favourite Christmas party food?  I love dips, chips, cheeses and of course cookies! (And wine to water wash it down!) I am always more attracted to the salty foods than the sweet foods.  Which is actually okay, that means that I really like veggie platters with a little bit of dip!


  1. Have fun tonight!!
    Your ring is beaaaaaaaaaaaaautiful!!

  2. Love your ring girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Way to go(resizing!)