Friday, 7 December 2012

New flirty aprons and a busy weekend!

I feel as though the last few days have been a complete whirlwind.  Every year I forget how tough it is to get stuff done without Dan around in the winter time.  I have to pay all the bills, run all of his errands, do all of the laundry, shopping (even his Christmas shopping!), banking, and anything else that needs to be done for either of us.  Let alone other things that need to be done.. you know, like going to work and house cleaning!  Dan is currently away working. He was supposed to be home last night.  Then he called last night and said early this morning.. then late morning.. then early evening.. now it's 7:40 p.m and I have no clue when he will be home and if he'll need a meal when he walks in.  I don't even know if he'll be home tonight!  When I get a few free days I need to make up a bunch of casseroles and other freezable foods for when he works weird hours!

Last night when I got home from work I found out that I had a package in the mail!  I had been eyeing up some SUPER cute aprons at Flirty Aprons.  It was really hard to chose between them all, I mean they're SO cute!  Then I saw that they had Christmas themed ones!  So I got a Christmas one and a regular apron.

It says, "Sorry Santa Naughty just feels so nice!"

To be honest I just loved the cute ruffles on the bottom.  I wish it had a pocket in the front, but hell the ruffles make it super cute, so I sacrificed!

Aqua Damask, not very Aqua, but still cute. 

 I was afraid that the strings would be too short, especially since on the model the strings wrapped around the body and made a neat bow.  I'm happy to say the strings are totally long enough to wrap around, but when you go to hang the apron up you have to deal with really long apron strings!

Awkward duck face photo!

Remember my cleaning gloves from this post? They were very long which I liked.  Well Flirty Aprons also sells gloves so I got a cute pair of Cherry ones!

Sorry about the terrible lighting! My house is so dark!

We started new Holiday hours at work, so I have to get up an hour earlier than normal.  I thought I would be really tired, but I wasn't!  I woke up with enough time to make myself a whole wheat waffle.

I topped it with 2 tsp natural peanut butter and 1 tsp honey mixed together. (Dan taught me that!)  It was soooo goood!  The waffle looks tiny, but it was pretty thick.  It was about 140 calories, and the pb and honey mix was only 80 calories.

After work today I stopped by Safeway to get some groceries.  I skimmed by the seafood section and found those tiny shrimp for cheap. (I'm such a seafood noob!)  Anyways, I decided I'd invent some sort of meal with shrimp!  I made some penne pasta, and tossed some minced garlic and onion into a pan to cook.  Then I added mushrooms, chopped grape tomatoes and the shrimp and some Italian seasoning.  When it was all done I added some Salsa and the noodles and served it with a touch of salt.  It was REALLY good!  I might be addicted to Salsa, but it was still good and easy to make!  (I used salsa because I didn't have anything to make a tomato sauce! Plus I throw salsa on everything :P )  I like that you can use a lot of shrimp and the calories stay really low.  I think next time I'll make it the same, but use a creamy sauce instead.

Oh! I just got a call from Dan saying that he wont be home tonight! He says sometime tomorrow.  He's not sure when.  I could have guessed that!  ;D

Tomorrow I (thankfully) have a short shift at work.  Afterwards I have a run planned and a quick supper at home.  Then I am heading out of town if the roads are good to visit some friends that I haven't seen in awhile for the night.  I really hope I get to see Dan before I head out since I'll be gone for the night, and he'll be gone for work again before I get back in the morning. 

The rest of the weekend I plan on reading a text-book sized fertility book.  It's something that I need to get done now, and something that I've had no time to do.  I have been getting extremely anxious and stressed about finishing the book since I'm on a deadline, I actually couldn't fall asleep last night because I was that worried about it!  I'm really a nutcase when Dan isn't home sometimes.

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend!  


  1. I'm loving that red apron. so cute!

  2. Those aprons are too cute!!

  3. Love the apron's and gloves!!! I hope your husband and you get to spend some quality time soon.
    I love that waffles...yum!

  4. Adorable aprons! I still think about those aprons we saw downtown here and I wanted to get one and suddenly bake up a storm, but ah, I'm far too lazy I guess. lol

    Hopefully the reading goes well, don't stress so much!