Thursday, 3 January 2013

Cow town!

Today was a mostly uneventful day.  It was another day of ordered rest by the doctor so I tried to keep it a low key day.  My right knee started acting up, but a friend pointed out on Facebook that it could be from lack of stretching and I might have tight ligaments.  She's probably right.  I tried doing stretches this week, but it's pretty tough when your back is out!

It was really hard to take it easy today.  I felt very restless and felt like I had to "get over it" and clean the house.  But after about 15 minutes of being up and about I'd start to get weak and shaky in the legs and would have to sit back down again.  I'm really itching to go for a run too, but I really don't want to push my body too fast. I now understand why people who are very fit get frustrated when they get injured.  It's the pits!

Dan and I leave early in the morning for Calgary.  It's been hard to try to very slowly get ready and pack.  Dan was supposed to help pack and tidy the house before we left, but of course he's working late tonight and I have to do it all.  He will probably pour himself into bed late tonight, and then have to get up early to leave!  Poor guy, he's pretty lucky that I take care of him, hey?  ;D 

I've been looking forward to this trip for months! I love Calgary, and I love travelling!  I'm a wanderer at heart, if I could I would travel all the time!  My favourite movies used to be ones full of adventure.  Like Jurassic Park (what kid didn't like that movie?!), Indiana Jones, The Mummy and so on.

We hope to be in Calgary by tomorrow evening, go wedding dress shopping Saturday, and then drive home Sunday.  It's a bit of a whirlwind trip, but it'll be loads of fun.  I'm looking forward to spending time with Dan's Mom and sister.  We don't get to see family much and visiting them is like chatting with best friends.  It'll be a girly trip, so hopefully Dan doesn't gag from all the wedding and dress talk! Hah!

This is my favourite photo from the wedding.  In fact, this is probably the only photo of me that I like.  It's funny because you don't really see my body at all.  I'm covered by a veil, my hair and Dan's smoocher!  But all the same, it's my favourite.

The last time Dan and I went to Calgary was in April for the Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo. (Nerd fest!)  They had the cast of Star Trek TNG!  It was really cool to see Sir Patrick Stewart, and the rest of the cast.

We had our photo taken with the dudes who make the online comics "Least I could do" and "Looking for group".  They're hilarious guys!  Also, that coat is way too big on me now! :D  I also got pictures of Dan in a Delorean!(The car from the "Back to the future" movies) How cool is that?

Now, I really have to go and see if I can get finished packing sometime before leaving!  I hope to take lots of photos (but none of the dress, gotta wait for that!), and possibly to write something while I'm down there too.  Have a fantastic weekend everyone!


  1. What a beautiful capture that picture is! whoa!

    I really hope you start feeling better soon. It's hard to not try and push it and try to recover sooner, but please take it easy!

    I've never been to Calgary - Have fun - pictuuuuuuures of your pretty self please and thank you!

  2. I love that pic Daphe.
    I hope your trip is amazing & you feel better.

    Yeah--I think your hubby is lucky to have ya take care ♡