Friday, 11 January 2013

One thing after another

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Remember how Dan was supposed to be gone all week?  Well guess who surprised me and came home early?!  On Tuesday sometime he sent me a text saying that he was going to be working really late.  When he's out at a camp job they usually work set hours, but it looked like he was going to do a long day to get extra work done.  Fine, that's normal.  Then at 10:50 pm he text me to ask me if I was still up.  I was just crawling into bed, and I figured he was seeing if I was still up so he could call and wish me good night.  I told him I was awake still.  Then he said, "Good, cause my house keys are buried in my bags."  I squeaked and ran down the stairs, threw open the door, and there he was with all of his work bags slung around him and a big bouquet of flowers!

What a great surprise!  My brother was still visiting when Dan came home, so they got to visit as well before my brother left for home the next day.  What a lucky duck I am!

Last night was my first shift at work this year, it was a short shift and I'm glad.  When I got home my feet ached so terribly.  That's what happens when your back goes out and you lay down for most of the day for a  week!

I just about wore this new sweater to work yesterday, then I noticed that the rouching in the back was right on my back fat.  Not exactly the best design! Why is rouching a "thing" on sweaters anyways?!

I made this really wonderful sounding Banana Breakfast Loaf yesterday, but I'm pretty sure it didn't turn out like it was supposed to.  The recipe called for baking soda and baking powder, yet the loaf didn't rise at all.  It's very dense and pretty ridiculous looking.

It also tasted powdery.  It's odd because the recipe specifically said not to over mix. Just until the ingredients stick together.  I never said I was good at baking!

Today I set out to buy a new sports bra from Addition Elle, and I totally found TWO new ones! One has a racer back and does up in the front. It fit pretty well, so we will see how it works out, I'm a bit worried about the clip on the front.  I also got a new pair of PJ's!  I've always envied women who could buy a pair of pajamas and fit one size.  Usually my upper body is a size or two larger than my bottom so I could never buy a set of PJ's.  Not only that, but even when I was losing weight there was no way that I could buy a top that buttoned up.  No matter what size I was, the top would be too lose in the top, and too tight across my belly and the buttons would pop off.  Well today I got my first pair of PJ's that BUTTON up and they're sooo comfortable!  I'm very excited to sleep in them tonight!

This past week and a half has been really tough mentally.  When something is wrong physically I tend to over-react and google everything.  It makes it especially hard when you feel like you can't exercise.  How do you know when you just have to stay off your feet, and when you should go to the doctor? What's the line?  Well I have a doctors appointment on Tuesday anyways and I'm going to try to ask him about my stomach muscles hurting.  I noticed it at the beginning of December.  It hurts at the lowest part of my belly on the right side, especially when I run.  In fact it was so uncomfortable today that I couldn't run at all, I did 1 mile of speed walking.  I eventually just quit because I was just so upset and anxious that I couldn't run.

I started new medication in December, and at first everything was fine and dandy.  About two weeks after starting it, my weight started shooting up around the same time my back went out.  It was frustrating being bloated from new medication, immobile, and having your weight sky-rocket.  My stomach muscles have been aching, and really I had no idea why all of these things started hitting me all at once.  It's incredibly frustrating, and upsetting.

What I'm really afraid of, is my doctor telling me that I can't run because of weak stomach muscles.  I couldn't even do the Yoga I had promised myself that I would do.  To be honest I'm not even sure what kind of exercises I can do!  I can't think of any cardio that I can do. I will just have to patiently wait until Tuesday and see what the doctor says.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend!


  1. Great surprise :) & the flowers are lovely. Good luck with the doc's appointment...keep the faith.
    Will like your FB page when I log in from the laptop!!!

  2. oh gosh, what a LOVELY surprise. such beautiful flowers!!

    1. I love them, he sometimes surprises me with the multi-coloured ones, I think they're so neat!

  3. Gorgeous flowers! Hope the appointment goes well!!

    I liked your facebook page from my page today. :)