Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Rough start to the new year

Dan and I didn't really have a lot planned for this New Years, which was probably a good idea. Yesterday I worked an 8 hour shift at work, and by the end I could barely stand. My left foot and leg where incredibly sore, my back tight, and calf muscles twitching like mad. I got home and attempted a hot shower, but nothing took the aches away unfortunately. Dan and I where supposed to go out for a nice dinner to celebrate 7 years together, but once I got in the car to go I realized just how terrible I felt. So instead Dan got takeout and I was asleep before 10pm!

Fortunately I was able to get today off of work, which I'm so thankful for. I can only stand or sit for about 10 minutes before my leg and foot get incredibly sore, it's been incredibly frustrating to spend the day laying down and finding just the right spot to lay in. Needless to say, I'll be going into a walk-in clinic in the AM.

I told Dan, that the hardest part is not being able to run. Sure I sat on the floor and tried to stretch my legs, but running and walking ate way out of the picture! Running is such a privilege and boy do I miss it! (I never thought I'd say that!). Running is freedom and health,

Today was spent laying on a too-short couch reading, when lunch rolled around I quickly made an omelette and toast, then laid down in my bed to watch movies. I'm pretty lucky that Dan is home to make supper otherwise I'd probably just have toast!

The iPad Dan gave me for Christmas has been put to great use today. I've been watching Netflix on it, and I have the blogger app so I can prop it up and blog while lying in bed! I'm pretty sure I'd go stir crazy without it.

Unfortunately I'm not exactly sure how to put pictures in the post properly. One is of my lunch and reading materials this morning and the other photos are pictures of Dan that I found on my iPad, he must have taken them while I was at work!

I hope everyone had a fantastic New Years! Be healthy, be happy.


  1. Aww, I hope you can figure out why you're not feeling so good lately! I know the feeling of not being able to stand or walk, different reasons, but yes it's very frustrating! You never realize how much you actually do walk and move around until it hurts to do it!

  2. oh gosh, I hope going to the doctors tomorrow will help. Feel better love!
    I looooove my ipad too :D

  3. First time visitor to your blog. Understand how frustrating it is when you want to work out, but feel crummy. Hopefully you went today to the doc and they have some sort of idea for you!

    1. Thanks for stopping by Yazmin :) Yes, the doctor has pumped me full of meds and I'm happy to say that I'm feeling much better!