Thursday, 21 February 2013

Back on track!

Well after two and a half weeks off of work I'm happy to say that my feet feel much better.  I had my second Physio appointment today (Where I was shocked to find out that it was free with Alberta health for a certain length of time, yay!).  He adjusted my right ankle last time and he took another look at it and was pleased that it stayed put.  He said it wanted to "go back" to being out, but he caught it in time.  It gave a good pop and it felt great afterwards.

After that he worked on my right hip.  I'm not sure how to describe what he did, but basically the joint is tight so he wanted to kind of pull on it, kind of like trying to dislocate it.  Then he gave me some exercises to do to make sure I can keep up that range of motion, and gave me some advice about my upper back.  My upper back only has been hurting since I lost the last 15lbs or so and we both figured it was just my body adjusting to less belly fat since I have less stomach "propping" my body up.

This week the weather has been phenomenal!  I've been trying to get out as much as possible to make sure I get some exercise and to practice being on my feet before going back to work next week.  The Physiotherapist recommended that I get minimal shoes.  Basically shoes that have maximum comfort with minimal shoe.  They should bend and twist and not be too structured of a shoe.  He figured all of my shoes are too structured for  my feet and that's part of my problem.  I ended up getting Nike Free Runs.  I love the way they look, they're black with neon orange laces!  They match my black yoga pants with neon stripes on the sides!  I'll try to get a picture on my next post.

This week I've been moving pretty slowly at home still, but I've managed to make most of the meals on my own this week which is a huge jump from last week.  Last night I made this really great Chili.

I'm not going to post the recipe since it was just a bunch of ingredients thrown together.  Plus everyone knows how to make Chili, right?  Basically it was crushed tomatoes, red beans, black beans, corn, ground turkey, garlic, chipotle chili powder, oregano, chili powder and cumin.  It's tasty and I made enough to last a few days which is handy when you're moving slow!  Next time I'm going to try a "white chili" since Dan is actually allergic to tomatoes.  He can take this prescription pill anytime he wants to eat tomatoes, but I'd rather not put his digestive track on a whirlwind like that too much!

After having so much time off of work I'm happy to say that my weight has stayed stable.  There was a week where I mysteriously dropped almost 6lbs, but then it came back the next week and I've been sitting at a comfortable 112lbs lost since I lost all of that fluid bloat from January.  I'm not upset at not losing, in all honesty when I was bloated all through January my stomach hurt so much I couldn't eat too much, and for February I tried focusing on my health and keeping a stable weight rather than exercise and weight loss.  I'm happy with that decision and happy that I didn't let 2 months of being under the weather be an excuse to binge eat!  This gives me confidence that I can tackle some tough stuff and keep my mind where it needs to be instead of on food!

I talked to my physiotherapist about running but we didn't set up a game plan yet.  I think he wanted to tackle one thing at a time over the next few weeks.  He did say I could try running in place and if that felt good then I could try short jogging distances just to see how it goes.  I also forgot to ask him about the hip pain I have when I run (since I haven't been running, I forgot about it!).  I plan on bringing that up to him next time I see him.  For those of you who don't remember, I mentioned to my family doctor in January about right hip/pelvic pain when I ran.  I thought it might be weak muscles from losing weight and having lose skin.  By the beginning of January it was very very painful to run.  My doctors only solution was to "ride a bike instead".  So I want to talk to the physiotherapist to get his opinion since it hasn't improved.

Let me tell you guys, I really appreciate all of the emails and support I've gotten.  For awhile with the pelvic muscle pain and lower back pain I couldn't sit up (for most of January and a good part of February) so typing out blog posts or even surfing the web was next to impossible.  I have felt good for the most part of this week, so I like to think that I'm on the mend and things will only get better.

Recently I did a poll on my personal Facebook page and on my DaphneAlive Facebook page about diet plans.  I was really doing it for my own personal outlook on diets.  Basically I read A LOT about failure on diets, and quite a few diets where people started with optimism but never followed through.  One thing I found very interesting though, was that for the most part people didn't care if they where taught about nutrition, maintenance and didn't care how much they paid so long as they got results.  I mean, that makes total sense, right?

If you can't lose weight on your own, it would make sense that you'd be willing to pay for advice, guidance and help getting rid of the weight.  Heck, I paid a counsellor to help me with my issues so I could have a healthy relationship with food.  Some people pay for structure, some people pay for support and others for product.

One thing I want to stress about anything you do with your diet.  Pay attention!  That's it, pay attention.

Pay attention to what you eat and how you feel.  Pay attention to what time you eat.  If your diet plan wants you to eat 5 meals a day what does your body think of that?  Do you find it hard or easy to transition?  Sometimes you have growing pains with a diet, and sometimes your body is telling you that "this isn't working for me".  I think that most people who lose lots of weight could tell you this.

For example, my dietician had me eating a morning snack every day.  For awhile I did it, but found myself wanting a snack in the evening more than anything.  However, because I had a morning snack I didn't have enough calories for an evening snack.  I thought, "too bad, gotta suck it up Princess!"  After awhile I told my dietician how hard I found it in the evenings.  I felt like a failure and that I just can't get over obsessing over food in the evening.  Then she said, "If you didn't eat at lunchtime don't you think you'd start thinking about food until you got some?"  And I said, "Well, yes!"  So she changed up my plan so I had an evening snack instead of a morning one.

Pay attention to your body and don't let others dictate what you "should" be doing (including me, oi!).

Thank you guys for patiently waiting for a post, I hope to be around SO much more often!


  1. Hey Daphne.your comment about "listening to your body," is VERY true. Even doctors don't know everything, but your body will always let you know whats good and whats not. Good going Daphne. Sooooo proud of your determination.

  2. girl! I am so glad you updated and to hear you're doing better - I can tell you're feeling much better! may it continue on!