Sunday, 24 February 2013


Edit:  I want to make something clear.. This is all my opinion. The image below some people believe is "pro Ana (Pro-Anorexia).  After re-reading my post I realize I wrote a bit aggressively which doesn't offer much room for people to have a differing opinion than my own without feeling like they're being attacked.  I apologize! Everyone has different opinions, I didn't mean to attack anyone with this post, I just think that sometimes people view things a certain way and never question it.  I just want you to question it.  If you find it okay, then fine I will not argue with you.  Only you know yourself and what motivates you.  For some people there is no question that these images can be mentally harmful and de-railing.

Usually I don't post on Sundays because I get the lowest amount of readers on Sundays.  But I've noticed a trend going around on Facebook, Pinterest and other social media sites and sometimes I just can't keep my mouth shut.  It's a disturbing 'shaming' trend and I want to tell my readers that this way of thinking is not an okay way to think or to go about dieting.

I'm sure some of you have seen images like this around, especially on Pinterest but I've seen them everywhere.  This is a fantastic example of bad inspiration.  What does a picture like this evoke in you?  Lets say you're sitting at your computer right now, you haven't worked out and  you're eating.  So right now you might be feeling: Shame that you indeed are eating.  Or Worthlessness because you haven't worked out all week.  Or Failure because your diets always fail.  Maybe you feel inspired and you toss away the food and decide to head out to the gym immediately.

The disturbing this is that so many people (women especially) don't find anything wrong with this.  They say, "hey, I have weak willpower and if this gets me going then why not? I don't take it that seriously." I want to slam my face on my desk when I hear that.

Shaming is a big part of what keeps an eating disorder running.  If you say, "I only look at this when I shouldn't eat junk food."  How is that any different than having an eating disorder?  When you have an eating disorder your eating habits are defined by shame.

Would you let your daughter use this for inspiration if she was a bit chubby?  No?  Then why is it okay for you?  What kind of message are you sending to your children?  That it's okay to hate yourself, but only for a few minutes so you don't eat that brownie?

I really hope I'm getting my point across.  You do not need this for inspiration in any way shape or form.  Great inspiration comes from two sources.  1.Yourself.  When you love yourself and what you can accomplish, you can drive yourself to do anything. 2. People you can relate to.  If you find a book about a woman who battles the same battles as you, and managed to lose 40 lbs, and have a happy attitude you're going to see her as an inspiration.

It's not easy relating to the model in the picture above.  In fact a good part of her could be photoshopped.  She might not have any idea what it's like to battle binge eating disorder, or to lose 100+lbs.  In fact we have no idea who she is or what she's like.  How can she be an inspiration?  Because she's skinny? Is that all she's about?

When I have a bad day there are several things I do to remind me of where I've been and what I can accomplish.  One really great way to get inspiration is to look for people who are like you, who have the same struggles as you.  People who can cheer you on and lift you up.  When I'm feeling down I look at Katie at Runs for cookies.  She has lots over 100lbs, still battles with binge eating, and is a runner.  She put in the hard work and has such grace. Who better to be an inspiration?  Or how about Holly at 300 Pounds down.  She has lost over 217lbs and battles with a sugar addiction.  She went from not being able to go out into public, to raising her children on her own.  Or Anele at Success along the weigh.  I love her blog because it's so real.  Right now she's just getting over an injury and working her butt off to try to lead a healthy lifestyle.  She's crafty, and aaallll woman.  Just reading her blog you know that she has been through rough patches to get where she has.

Talk about inspiration!  These women have lived the tough life.  Most who lose weight have battled an eating disorder of one kind or another.  They work hard every damn day to lead a happy and healthy life.  Now I ask again, who do you want to be an inspiration for you and your children?


  1. I ageee with everything you said. It is SO disturbing that these images are everywhere and used as "inspiration". So wrong, terrible message!

  2. This is a great post. One other problem I would have with the 'inspirational' picture is the objectification of the woman - she doesn't have a head or a face, which makes it easy to think of her not as a person but as an object. That little inspirational poster, while probably made with the best intentions, is asking me if I'd rather eat chips or be objectified.

    I'd rather eat chips, thanks. :)

    But you know what? I probably wouldn't have noticed that (at least not right away) if you hadn't said "In fact we have no idea who she is or what she's like." - because we don't even know who the faceless wonder is!

    So to reiterate, great post.

    1. I'd rather eat chips too. (On a good day)

  3. I nominated you for a Liebster Award. Its for new or newish bloggers with under 200 followers. You can get more details on my latest post.

  4. Excellent post! I see at Katies blog too when I feel ugh, checking out the other two.
    In fact I even SEE your blog --you have accomplished a lot and you should be proud!