Friday, 15 March 2013

Morning sickness and food cravings!

Thanks everyone for your well wishes!  This past week has been slow, but very good.  After my Obstetrician appointment last Friday I started getting twitches in my left food and leg and had to rest for most of this whole week.  I'm usually good if I rest for a few days, and then only run one small errand, then rest again.  Otherwise it's like my left side gets too "worked up" and I get twitches that are very annoying.

On Monday morning we headed to the hospital for more blood work and tried to rest for most of the day afterwards.  Tuesday morning we headed back to the hospital for the x-rays on my left foot.  Normally I would have done both in one day, but I needed to rest in between.  

Getting the X-rays done was interesting! They covered me in one large lead blanket, then had a lead board by my butt, and another circular shaped one that hooked around my leg to catch areas the other two missed.  They meant business! 

It's very interesting getting pregnancy cravings, food aversions and morning sickness.  I've decided that the food aversions and cravings are directly related to the morning sickness.  When I take my prescription for morning sickness I feel perfectly fine and have no cravings and no aversions.  But if I don't take it, I feel like I have to eat every hour or I'll starve!  When I do eat, it was only certain foods.  Carbs of any kind I could eat and anything dairy.  I loved yogurt, ice cream, frozen yogurt, ice cream bars.. you name it and I wanted it!

How I feel when I haven't eaten for two hours...

I don't really like taking medication while pregnant, but this stuff is supposed to be 100% safe and if it keeps me from eating the entire fridge then I'm game! 

I was pretty happy that I hadn't gained any weight, but of course this week I gained 2lbs immediately and now I have a little belly showing!  I'm not concerned at all, gaining 2 lbs actually puts me right on par for weight gain.  I think it's normal to gain 1-5 lbs in the first trimester.

I've been craving fruit like crazy.  Dan surprised me with this snack one afternoon!  I had no idea he knew how to do that with apples!  He is an apple wizard!

Now I'm able to sit at the computer for much longer than I could even a month ago, so I'm hoping I'll be posting more often.  I'm still battling morning sickness and I'm still unable to exercise, and of course I can't lose weight so of course this makes a weight loss blog kinda lame!

What I hope to do is still get out healthier recipes, and to talk about fitness when I can during pregnancy and such.  I just need to start feeling better and get my head wrapped around all of this!

So far I have learned something about pregnancy.  It's very very easy to feel okay eating bad food.  Very early on when you have morning sickness it's really easy to eat carbs and salty foods, and it's easy to keep that going.  I did not want to eat a single vegetable!  I wanted to vomit at the thought of steamed broccoli! I have learned that I have to keep the fridge bursting with fresh foods, especially fruits since they're easiest for me to eat right now.  I find when my fridge and cupboards get bare, it's easy to open a box of crackers and eat crackers and cheese or just bread instead of something that could be more nutritious.  Dan has been coming home almost every day from work with new groceries!

Some more great news! My Mom is taking me baby shopping on Monday!  We're going window shopping and she's going to tell me what's what since I'm a pretty big baby newb.  She asked me what kind of bottles I wanted to use, and I said, "there are different kinds?"  Yes, my Mom never stops being a Mom.  Even when her kid becomes one!

After window shopping she is taking me to Micheals to pick out yarn so I can start crocheting a baby blanket.  I'm pretty slow at crocheting so I'm getting a start now.

I think I felt a lot of dread about this pregnancy until I had my OB appointment.  After my doctor told me to, "enjoy it while it lasts" I just waited for the end.  I hoped that if I was going to have a miscarriage that I had it soon, because I figured the earlier it was the easier it would be.  Now that I saw the baby jump around I'm much more excited and less scared!  I find myself looking at patterns on Pinterest, and looking at different furniture to put into the nursery.  I'm ready to pack up one of our offices and to start decorating already!

I have to keep one thing in mind.  As much as I hate morning sickness, cravings and food aversions.. it means that we have created something wonderful.  I mean, I never thought I would have a baby.  I convinced myself it was impossible. I figured that if I convinced myself that it was impossible, that when I didn't get pregnant I wouldn't be hurt.  I'm not saying this is a miracle baby, but I'm still in absolute shock.  Shock isn't even a big enough word.


  1. I am very happy to hear that you are doing good. I don't mind if you get off topic of losing weight, it's ok to do that when you are pregnant! Keep us posted with how you are doing.

  2. :) enjoy the food and congrats once again :)