Saturday, 1 June 2013

Baby Bean and a trip to the mountains

If you've just stumbled upon my blog looking for weight loss advice please check out the side bar to the left, and top posts to the right.  It might also help to start at the beginning of my posts and read forward to current date.  I'm currently not updating as often, partially due to my pregnancy and partially due to other medical concerns.  I still check my email so feel free to email me at:  if you have any questions.  Or check out my Facebook Page!

Don't worry friends, I haven't forgotten about a single one of you.  I guess I had decided to put my blog on hold and just not tell anyone that.  I find that if I focus inward I do fantastic and when I start to focus outward  such as writing a post I start to just feel out of place.  Not exactly sure why, but that's the way it is.

Don't worry, I've been doing much better. At the end of April Dan and I went to to the mountains and spent a few days there.  The days leading up to the trip where nerve racking.  I still wasn't leaving the house on my own.  I never drove anywhere, nothing.  I found that if I did go anywhere with Dan that I tired easily and my foot and leg would spasm without much notice, so we'd have to rush home.  So as you can imagine it was scary to think of sitting in the car for hours, then trying to limp my way up stairs into a hotel room.  If I even made it that far.  Then I was scared I wouldn't be able to leave the hotel room the whole trip.  

Dan was a sweetheart and spent a whole evening calling different hotels and found one that had a main floor room (no stairs for me to worry about) with a nice view.  That way it'd be easy for me to get in and out of the room, and if I couldn't leave the room at least I'd have a good view for our stay.

It turns out the trip did me wonders!  I was much less stressed out when Dan was around, so I did a lap around the hotel parking lot with him clutching my hand.  We took a drive through the mountains to a glacier and we stopped along the way so I could get out and stretch my legs and I would walk up and down the road a little on my own and it was fantastic!  I wasn't too adventurous, but I was used to clutching Dan's hand and limping everywhere.

By the time we made it back home from our trip, the sharp pains and electric shocks in my legs started going away day by day.  I'm not sure if I just needed to stretch my legs more and walk around or what exactly.  I still get deep aches in my calves, but I think that is more pregnancy related .

Since then I went to the grocery store with Dan twice and gone out several times baby shopping with him.  Yesterday I did my first unaided grocery shopping trip all by myself!  I really really missed being mobile and independent.  Mentally I feel much better.  Unfortunately I had to quit my job.  But I think even short work shifts would have been too much too soon.

On May 8th we had our anatomy scan on baby Bean at our 20 week appointment.  The baby was turned towards my spine so they couldn't see the heart very well, so we go back on Wednesday to get another ultrasound done.  I'm actually very excited to have another ultrasound done!

I've begun feeling lots of twitches and kicks too.  The baby loves jumping off of my bladder especially.  It's also interesting that baby seems to be active for a little in the morning, then very late at night.  Like after 11 pm if I'm still awake.

My 23 week photo.  I also have weird claw-hand going on!

So far my Obstetrician still has no concerns about my weight gain, but I see her again next Friday.  I have gained slightly more than "goal" so we'll see if it's becoming an issue.

It's weird to think that in less than a month I'll be in my third trimester already! We all know the first trimester was utter hell for various reasons, the second trimester really is turning out well and now hopefully the third will go well too.  We already have part of the nursery set up, and I plan on getting photos of the nursery once we have more done in there.  We where gifted a really wonderful glider, and we found some furniture on sale so we're doing fantastic in that area so far!

Thank you all for your kind emails and comments lately.  It's nice to know that it's okay to take a break and that I'm not disappointing anyone.  Like I said above, feel free to email me or even drop a line on my Facebook page!


  1. So glad to hear that you and baby "bean" are doing well. Keep us updated :)

  2. :) Iam so happy to know about the kicks. I have missed you on my blog,. so thought of you and happy to see an update from you!