Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Baby Bean is swimming in the reeds!

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**First things first!  I'm happy to say that I did an interview at How I lost 100 and it's been posted!  Please check it out and leave comments over there!  I think the interview did a good job of summing up my weight loss experience and my outlook.**

This past weekend I had an awesome time at my 10 year high school reunion.  YUP! 10 years!  I can barely comprehend that amount of time passing.  Maybe because I see many of these people on Facebook often so 10 years seems so crazy!  It was really nice to see some people and to see where they are and to see their kids as well.  It was also interesting to see everyone is still friends with the same people!

I had a handful of people mention my blog (Hi guys!) and every time it startled me.  Oh yeah, I have this big personal thing out on the internet for everyone to read!  Sometimes I forget that people I know actually read it.  It's easy for me to see international readers and forget about these people close by reading too!

Last Wednesday I had my third ultrasound at 24 weeks.  My 20 week ultrasound was okay, but they couldn't get as many photos of the heart as they needed so thus needing another ultrasound.  Well the ultrasound was really quick and she called in my husband right away to show us our little Bean squirming around.  It never gets old!  She said the photo quality this time was much worse than last time and recommended that we don't get photos at all.  She showed us the arms and legs and I remember thinking that the baby looked so squished!  I thought that babies didn't start running out of room until well into the third trimester.

We went home afterwards and Dan went off to work.  I got a call a few hours later from my Obstetrician (Pre-natal doctor) telling me to head into Triage on the Labour and Delivery floor of the hospital.  The ultrasound showed that my amniotic fluid was too low and they had to make sure my water didn't break.  I asked when I had to go in, and they said "right now, your Doctor will meet you there."  They certainly made it sound serious!  Serious enough that my doctor would meet me there right away!

I left a message on Dan's phone and then headed in. I registered and headed into triage where they strapped a monitor to my belly to make sure I wasn't having contractions (uhh what?!) and they quizzed me about contractions and if I noticed my water breaking.  Then they used a doppler and listened to baby's heartbeat a few times.  Then I waited about 30-40 minutes for my Doctor to arrive.

Right before the doctor arrived Dan showed up.  I think he practically ran to the hospital!  He was sweating and in work clothes and had a pretty wild look to him.  My text message to him was pretty vague I found out, oopsies! Blame it on baby brain!  So my Doctor showed up right away and she tested to make sure my water didn't break or that I wasn't leaking fluid, which I wasn't.  She then let us know that she's been contacting the Perinatal specialist in Edmonton and that they will call us within the week to let us know when to come in for monitoring (uhh what?!).

On Friday (two days later) we had our regular appointment with my OB and she again explained the low amniotic fluid.  In her words she just said it was "Very low".  And that in our city and in her practice she's not equipped to diagnose why it's happening and that our ultrasound techs are trained to do ultrasounds for everything and not specifically trained for pregnancies.  So she's sending me to the big city to get an Ultrasound and check-up done by people who do it everyday.  It's a little frightening, but she reassured me that it's my best option at this point.

I did a little googling and found that very low amniotic fluid is more rare, especially this early.  Affecting only 4-8% of pregnancies.  There can be a few reasons, sometimes it's dehydration and sometimes it's the baby's kidneys not working properly (which is not good).  Sometimes they don't know the cause.  In a worst case scenario we have to deliver the baby early, which my OB told me this hospital is equipped to do. (Yikes again!).  I'm not ready to deliver, but I am ready to do anything necessary to help my baby out!

So tomorrow bright and early Dan and I are heading into the city.  We hope to be home by Thursday night if all goes well and I hope to provide updates by the end of the week!  I really hope they can get some good photos for me to take home and to show you guys too!

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  1. Sending you, your husband and the baby lots of love and prayers for all of the ultrasounds to be ok.